Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chandelure Reuniclus Cofagriigus - RandomBoyDan

4-2-3 Chandulure
3-3 Cofagriigus (Damiigriugus)
3-1-2 Reuniclus
2 First contact Elygem
Pokemon Total = 23

3 Cheren
2 Juniper
3 N
3 Catcher
3 Junk arm
4 Rare candy
2 Eviolite
3 Communication
2 Switch
Trainer/Supporter = 27

8 Psychic
2 Rescue
Energy Total = 12

Pokemon Analysis
You say that you're running the first contact elygem because you lack collectors (too expensive).  I'd look into ebay auctions to find some cheap ones.  You can get them on sites for around $6 each, but on ebay  you should be able to easily get them for 3-4 max.  Or you can always trade for them.  However, if you still insist on no collectors, I'd go with pichu instead.  You'll fill up your entire bench in a single turn and have a 50% chance of not getting hurt during your next turn.  For your other pokemon lines, they're perfect.  My only concern is that the reuniclus is a big part of the deck, but without vileplume it's catcher bait.  While making this a vileplume deck is possible, that would require basically two reviews.  So if you'd like me to review it with a vileplume line in it, let me know, otherwise, we'll just go with the list you have now and see if we can't get it working fast enough to be able to afford losing a reuniclus.  Something else to consider is one, possibly two, jirachi.  You can spread damage with chandelure, then use jirachi to not only get energy cards back from the discard pile, but then level your opponent down into knockouts.

Energy Analysis
I dont think you need the DCE.  While it could come in handy for cofagriigus' second attack, you're should be using that pokemon mainly for the first attack, then using switch to get back to chandelure to do more damage.  While you should be fine with a low energy cost of 10, going up to 12 by replacing the 2 DCE with 2 psychic couldn't hurt.  But if you find that you really need another card in the deck, you could always reduce it later.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Again, I'll recommend 4 collector, but if not, you'll need more communication and some dual ball to be able to get out your pichu (or elgyem depending on what you decide on) as fast as possible to fill up the bench.  Eviolite only works on basic pokemon, so without strong basic attackers, it's not very useful in this deck.  That space would be better used by a 2-3 Twins since you'll likely be losing your basic searchers early on.  I'd also try and find room for a super rod. That will let you easily reduce your energy count since you can always use the super rod to get it back, and then reuse it if you need to with junk arm (which I would increase to 4).

Your deck doesn't run very well late game with a low hand.  You'll still need resources for switching your pokemon around to do damage, possibly attach energy, etc....  So I would take out the N and replace it with a maxed out PONT line and possibly max out the cheren as well.

You have an excellent variation of the chandelure deck already.  I think with a bit of tweaking, especially without collectors, you'll find that you're able to set up a little bit faster.

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