Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Emboar Reshiram Zoroark - ReshiramEmo

4 Reshiram
1 Mew
2-1-1 Gengar
2-1-2 Scolipede
2-2 Zoroark BW
2-2-2 Emboar (1 ability, 1 non)
1-1 Ninetales
3 Mime Jr.
1-1-1 Reuniclus
Pokemon Total = 32

2 Lost World
1 Burned Tower
1 Alph Lithograph
1 Revive
2 Rare Candy
2 Life Herb
2 Switch
2 Dual Ball
Trainers/Stadiums = 13

2 Rescue Energy
1 Double Colorless Energy
5 Fire Energy
7 Psychic Energy
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
The biggest problem that I see with this deck is that you have way too many different lines of pokemon in it, no supporters and very few trainers to get the deck running.  You've essentially combined two decks - reshiram and gengar.  Since reshiram is going to be a stronger deck in the current format, lets focus on that half.  Increasing the emboar line to 4-2-3 with 2 of the ability emboar will ensure that you can get your energy acceleration up and going (and keep it going).  The non ability emboar is a great secondary attacker.  If you're going to include ninetales as a draw engine, I would increase the line to a 2-2 to ensure that you can get one going in case a vulpix is catcher'd up or part of the line is prizes.  I'd add in one cleffa for a hand refresher and possible staller.  If you can find room for it, the zoroark isn't a bad pokemon to include since your deck is weak to water, but if you find that you're having trouble finding room after my trainer/supporter suggestions, I'd drop it.  Everything else in the deck can go (basically all the psychic pokemon since that's a completely different deck).

Energy Analysis
Now that you're relying just on fire types, you can drop the psychic energy and increase the fire.  I typically choose rescue energy over DCE in a deck like this, finding that with emboar, it's easy to continuously add energy, so DCE just isn't needed as much. If you can get the total energy count down to 12 (2 rescue and 10 fire), that should give you more room for trainers/supporters.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Having the right trainers/supporters is what's going to make this deck work.  Now that we no longer have the psychic pokemon, you don't need lost world stadium, however, burned tower can be very useful and I'd probably increase that to 2.  4 pokemon collector will help you fill up the bench early in the game, 4 rare candy will help evolve those emboars, and 4 communication will help you get the pokemon you need.  2 juniper, 4 PONT and 2-3 cheren should keep your hand full of what you need throughout the game, although adding 1-2 N could be helpful as well.  2-3 catcher will help you target your opponents' bench.  Since you're going to be discarding a lot of fire energy you'll need a lot of recovery.  A super rod will get pokemon back in the deck while 2-3 energy retrieval and 2-3 fisherman will keep the energy flowing.  4 junk arm will allow you to reuse any of your trainers. Since you can easily attach, retreat and recover energy, you can easily drop your switch down to 1.

The alph lithograph can be useful, but isn't necessary.  Same with the life herb and dual ball.  They can both be dropped to make room. I like the revive, but with rescue energy and super rod, you shouldn't need it, so dropping it will help as well.

You've combined 2 very good decks, but unfortunately they just don't work very well together.  I chose to review the reshiram portion of the deck since it still has a great shot in today's format with all the metal pokemon around.  If you'd like me to review the gengar portion separately, just let me know!  Good luck!

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