Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Yanmega Donphan Zoroark - DePokeDS

3-3 Yanmega prime
3-3 Donphan prime
2-2 Zoroark BW
1 Tornadus
1Absol prime
1 Reshiram
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 20

4 Pokemon Collector
3 Judge
3 Copycat
2 Professor oaks new theory
4 Junk Arm
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Pokemon Catcher
3 PlusPower
2 Switch
Trainer/Supporter Total = 29

8 fighting
Energy Total = 11

Pokemon Analysis
This is one of the best decks in the format when it was submitted a few months ago and still has a good chance in the format today with some adjustments.  Quite a few eel based decks are teching for possible donphan match-ups, so instead of the donphan, terrakion has been the preferred choice.  It may take one turn to power up, but it's since it's a basic, you can use that extra turn for an energy attachment.  With few grass pokemon in the meta today (yanmega doesn't include resistance/weakness), choosing a fighting type that can withstand water types is typically the better choice (depending on what's being playing in your area of course).  I'd add one more yanma since it's a great starter with a free retreat cost, and in case one is catcher'd up before it can evolve.

Without the donphan, you shouldn't need reshiram to 'collect damage' to be able to use it later.  I like the absol tech since it's great for psychic pokemon that are weak to darkness, the biggest one being chandelure, but there are others as well.  However, for it to be useful, you'd need to include the necessary energy to be able to attack with it.  It's pokebody is great, but only useful if you can start with it active on the first turn (possibly second if your opponent doesn't get a collector start).  So you'd need to increase the number you run in the deck if your intention is to use it for the pokebody or include the energy to be able to use it as an attacker or you could just drop it completely.  It depends on what sort of decks are in your area.

I feel like your deck can benefit from another attacker, but I'm unsure if increasing the zoroark line is the best way to do it. I'd like to see how more tornadus would work out since it's a fast attacker with DC, but that means that 2 of your main attackers are going to be weak to lightning, which is more of a reason to include 4 terrakion to counter it.

Energy Analysis
I'd max out your DCE so you can utilize zoroark and tornadus consistently.  If you decide to run absol prime as an attacker, then I'd include some rainbow energy since it can count for your fighting energy as well.  If you don't run absol as an attacker, then just adding another DCE for a total energy count of 12 should be enough.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have an excellent line of trainers/supporters that doesn't really need any changes.  I'd recommend one super rod for a little recovery.  I would max out your judges and to make room for that change, reduce your copycat by 1.  Decks today tend to have smaller hand sizes, so judges would reduce the chance of you using copycat and ending up with a hand too small to work with.

A slightly different version of this deck is still played in our current format and does pretty well depending on the area meta, so I can see this deck doing very well.  With less yanmega being played, more people aren't as afraid to increase the count of 30/40 HP pokemon, so you should be able to take advantage of that assumption.

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