Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cincinno Krookodile - 6cardman

2-1 Cinccino
3-3-2 krookodile EP
1-sawk BW
Pokemon Total = 14

1-double colorless
Energy Total = 16

1-great ball
1-life herb
1-junk arm
4-pokemon communication
1-alphs litograph triupmhant
1-super scoop up
1-professor oak's new theroy
1-dual ball
1- interviwers question
1-professor elms new theroy
1- fisherman
3-energy retrival
2-flower shop lady
1-professor juniper
Trainers/Supporters = 30

Pokemon Analysis
Cincinno is a great fast attacker, so I'd max out your line at 4-4.  Your line of krookodile as a secondary attacker is already pretty strong.  In fact, I might take out a krokorok to make a little more room in the deck and add in some rare candy help speed up the evolution.  I like a cleffa in every deck to help you get set up if you have a bad hand.  Since you rely on a full bench, this deck may also benefit from pichu as well.  I don't think you really need the throh and sawk.

Energy Analysis
I'd max out your double colorless at 4, include another rescue for a total of 2, and then reduce your fighting energy down to 7.  With a little recovery and enough draw, you should be able to get your fighting energy pretty easily.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have several great supporters and trainers already, you just need more of them.  4 pokemon collector will help you get set up. 2 rare candy will help you get the krookodile up faster.  I'd keep the communication maxed out like you have it.  I'd keep one super rod in the deck for recovery instead of 2 flower shop girls.  You can always reuse it with the addition of 3 junk arms (for a total of 4).  You can reduce your switch down to 1 to make more room for draw/shuffle supporters like 4 PONT, 2-3 cheren and 2 juniper.  Adding in 2-3 catcher will help you bring up something critical on the bench.  You might not be able to get the first KO, so adding 1-2 twins should help you catch up.  If you find that you're often behind on prizes, increasing your number of twins should help.

I like how you've taken a theme deck and made it a little more powerful.  The biggest thing that theme decks often lack is enough trainers/supporters, so it's great that you added quite a bit to try and get the deck working.  I hope my suggestions help the deck improve even more!

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