Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skarmory Scizor - ProjectPokemonHQ

3-3 Scizor prime
2-2-1 aggron
1-1 ferrothorn EP (power whip)
1 skarmory UD
1-1 forretress (spike spread)
Pokemon Total = 18

3 pont
1 pkmn collector
2 trickery
1 twins
1 interveiwers
2 scoop
1 flower shop
2 elms method
3 pkmn communication
2 pluspower
2 dual ball
2 switch
2 reversal
2 junk arm
1 energy exchanger
Supporter/Trainers = 27

4 sp. metal
11 basic metal
Energy Total = 15

Pokemon Analysis
There's quite a few different types of pokemon in your deck, and while they're all the same energy type, they don't all really work well together.  So I'm going to suggest dropping a few while increasing the others to make the deck more cohesive.  First, I'd add a cleffa.  It's great to get a new hand with as well as stalling during the game.  Scizor prime works great with skarmory, so I'd increase your skarmory to 3-4 to increase your chance of starting with it, then increase your scizor line to 4-4.  I don't really like forretress, aggron, slowking or ferrathorn.  Aggron is the only one that can be a decent hitter, but if you were to run it, I'd increase your line to a 3-2-2 at least and also make room for at least 2 rare candy.   Since you're running metal, coballion would be a great addition to the deck since it can be a primary attacker while you prepare your scizors.  2-3 of them should do.

Energy Analysis
If you find you need extra room in the deck for some additional trainers/supporters, then I'd drop a couple of your basic metal.  You should be safe running around 13 total energy.  Swapping out some metal energy for rescue energy might also help.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Instead of the dual ball, I'd run 4 pokemon collector to ensure that you can get your bench set up as quickly as possible.  While you're building up your scizors, you're likely going to lose a few prizes, so I'd increase your twins to at least 3.  Instead of the flower shop, I'd include a super rod that you could reuse if needed with junk arm (which I'd increase to 4).  I know this is an older list, so I'm sure that your reversal are now catcher instead.  Instead of the trickery, super scoop up, elm and interviewers, I'd include more draw/shuffle cards like maxing out your PONT, adding a couple of juniper and possibly adding a couple of N or cheren.  Since you run quite a few pokemon, maxing out your communication might help as well.

I think the idea of skarmory and scizor has some potential, but the other metal types just don't fit in as well.  Coballion is the best to fit with the scizor, but even he will fall easily to any fire deck.  However, with reshiphlosions popularity decreasing, you might be able to get this deck working well.

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