Thursday, January 26, 2012

Magneboar - ThePokemonkid45

4-3-2 Emboar (ability)
2 Reshiram
3-3-2 Magnezone prime
2 Tyrogue
1 smoochum
2 sigilyph #42
Pokemon Total =  24

12 fire energy
8 electric energy
Energy Total = 20

2 Pokemon catcher
2 Pokemon communication
1 Revive
1 Energy retrieval
2 Cheren
1 Professor Juniper
1 Energy search
2 Judge
Trainer/Supporter =  14

This deck is a variation of a Magneboar deck.  Ability emboar adds on as many fire energy as you want per turn, reshiram takes early knockouts and magnezone puts energy in the lost zone to be able to 1HKO anything you can imagine.

Pokemon Analysis
I'm not really sure why you have sigilyph in the deck.  It's attacks are fairly weak compared to the other attackers in your deck and I can't really see any reason why you would have it over something different.  Same with the smoochum.  In formats with shaymin, eelekrik, pachirisu and other pokemon that manipulate energy, wasting a turn to move an energy doesn't seem worth the risk.  I see why you have tyrogue in the deck, but feel that both can easily be dropped for a single cleffa.  You still have the baby status to act as a possible staller, but a new hand can really get you set up in the beginning.

By utilizing rare care candies, you can change your emboar line to a 4-2-3 line.  I'd run 2 of the ability and one of the non ability since it's a great attacker.  With the risk of pokemon catcher, you'll likely play two tepigs at a time on the bench to ensure that at least one survives to be an emboar.  If they both survive, having an emboar with a better attack rather than 2 ability emboar on the bench can be very useful.  I'd recommend changing up your magnezone lines for the same reason.  A 3-1-2 line should give you more space in the deck for the rare candies that you'll need.  You might even want to go to heavier 4-2-3 magnezone line.

Energy Analysis
While this deck will run a lot of energy, too much energy takes away space from the much needed trainer/supporter lines.  So I'd try and reduce your energy to around 14 with 10 fire and 4 lightning.  Relying on emboar and reshiram as attacker early in the game should allow you to have enough energy left for magnezone to take the last few prizes.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Here the part of the deck that needs to be doubled if your deck is going to work.  4 collector will help you get a full bench early in the game.  Since you run lots of different pokemon, 4 communication will help you get out exactly what you need.  With 2 stage 2 pokemon, 4 rare candy are essential.  4 junk arm will help you reuse any trainers you've previously used, mainly your catcher.  I'd add in one fisherman and super rod to increase  your discard recovery.  I might even add a second energy retrieval to ensure that you can keep getting those fire energy back after reshiram (or emboar) discards them after attacking.

The biggest thing left is draw/shuffle power.  Magnezone can do really well with disruption, so I'd look at 2-3 judge and 2-3 N.  2 juniper and 2-3 PONT will also help you get set up.  If you have any room, you might want to consider Sage's Training as well since that will help you search through your deck faster.  While you have to discard some cards, you can usually ensure that they're things you can still use, like trainers with junk arm or energy with one of your recovery cards.  With two stage 2 pokemon, you're going to be fairly slow setting up, so I'd recommend adding at least 3 twins.  If you don't have room for twins, cutting a communication or some of the draw power should help make room.

Cards like your revive and energy search just aren't needed as the other cards that I listed, so I'd drop those to make room.  Hopefully between dropping some of the pokemon lines and the energy, you'll have enough room to fill up your trainer/supporter lines.

Magneboar variants are very strong decks and can still make a good showing in tournaments if they're built to set up as fast as possible.  By increasing your trainer/supporter line, you'll have a much higher chance of doing that!

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