Monday, January 23, 2012

Scizor KlingKlang - ProjectPokemonHQ

3-3 Scizor Prime
2-2 Umbreon
1-1 Slowking
2-1-2 Klinklang (ability)
1 Skarmory
Pokemon Total = 18

3x Professor Oak's New Theory
2x Rockets Trickery
2x Elms
2x Seeker
1x Collector
1x Twins
1x Interviews
1x Flowershop Lady
3x Communication
2x Rarcandy
2x Junk Arm
2x Switch
2x DualBall
2x Catcher
1x Energy Exchanger
1x Lost Remover
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

4 Sp. Metal
2 Sp. Darkness
9 Basic Metal
Energy Total = 15

Scizor prime is a pokemon that's great to 'tank' meaning that with special metals stocked up on it, it becomes very difficult to knock out.  Klingklang can work essentially the same way, but it's ability allows it to move around energy as needed.  The umbreon is to prevent pokemon with pokepowers and pokebodies from attacking, slowking to be able to control what you or your opponent draws into and skarmory to attach additional energy.

Pokemon Analysis
Skarmory is an ideal starter for this type of deck, so increasing it to 3 will help you get it out on the first, possibly second, turn.  I'd add in one cleffa if you really need a new hand or need to stall for a bit.  Slowking is not needed in this deck and it just acts as a target for catcher, so I would drop it.  With pokemon abilities, umbreon isn't as effective as it used to be, so it can safely be dropped as well.  This will give you enough room to add the skarmory as well as increase your scizor and klingklang line.  With catcher, you'll need to be prepared to lose a few basics before they get a chance to evolve.  Increasing your scizor prime line to 4-3 or 4-4 and your klingklang line to a 3-1-2 or a 3-2-2 should allow you to lose basics and still get set up.

Energy Analysis
Since I've suggested to drop the umbreon, you won't need the special dark anymore.  13 energy should be more than enough with this deck, especially with a little recovery.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd drop the dual ball and increase your collector to 4.  Swap your flowershop for a super rod so you can reuse it with your junk arms if needed.  Increasing your junk arms to 4 will help you reuse the thing you keep in small numbers.  To make some room in the deck for some of my suggestions, I'd drop the lost remover, energy exchanger, seeker, rockets trickery and interviewers questions.  I'd max out your PONT, add a couple of cheren and possibly 2 more twins since you'll be spending quite a few turns attaching energy rather than attacking.  If you still have any room left, you might want to consider a couple of juniper and N for further draw support.

You have a deck whose pokemon work well with each other, especially once you cut out some of the other that aren't needed.  By increasing your draw support, you should be able to have an easier time getting set up.  This deck will struggle against fire decks and with reshiphlosion being a prevalent deck still, this could possibly be a problem for you.  With the right meta though, you should be able to do fairly well in tournament.

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