Monday, January 9, 2012

Tyrannitar Kricketune - thepurplethunder11

3-2-1 Tyrannitar
1-1 Dodrio
2-1 Kricketune
1 Jirachi
1 Spritomb
Pokemon Total = 13

1 twins
4 engineers adjustments
2 revive
2 sages
1 junk arm
2 defender
2 elms
2 pokeballs
3 communication
1 dual ball
2 copycat
1 black belt
2 energy retrival
2 switch
1 interviewer
1 flower shop lady
Trainers/Supporters = 33

1 dce
6 fighting
2 physic
1 darkness
1 special darkness
3 grass
Energy Total = 14

Pokemon Analysis
You're running a fairly small number of pokemon. I'm concerned that even if you do get your main attackers into play, once they're knocked out, you don't really have any other options.  So first, we should strengthen the pokemon lines.  Add in one cleffa to refresh your hand.  I'm going to assume that your running the non prime ttar since you didn't specify in the list that you were running the prime.   So I'd recommend a 4-2-3 line of ttar, with 2-2 dodrio, and 3-2 kricketune.  I suggest taking out the jirachi and spiritomb to remove the extra energy type in the deck.  Since kricketune's best attack relies on flips, adding a couple of fliptini would increase the probability of doing more damage.

Energy Analysis
4 DCE will help get your ttar powered up fairly fast.  Your main attacker is dark, so you'll want to focus mostly on dark energy.  I'd add 4 special dark and 2 regular dark energy.  Your kricketune needs grass energy, so I'd include 4 of them since it requires at least 2 grass for its best attack.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You have quite a few trainers/supporters and hit on many of the ones that you need, we just need to increase the amounts of some of them.  I'd start off with 4 collector to ensure a fast start.  Since your main attacker is a stage 2, three rare candy will help you get it up fast.  Your likely going to be down a few prizes to start with, so having 2-3 twins and possibly 1 black belt will help you get caught up.  The 4 PONT is great, but I'd also add 1-2 juniper and 3-4 cheren. For recovery, a single super rod should do.  Cards I think you can drop are the copycat, dual ball, energy retrieval, pokeball, elm, defender, sage, revive and engineer.  They're all great cards, but there's others that work better with this deck.  Adding in 3 catcher will help you catch up on the prizes or even stall for a while.  4 junk arms will allow you to reuse any trainers.  

I like the attacks of both kricketune and tyrannitar, but I'm not sure how they work well together.  I can see this deck struggling in tournaments, even with a modified trainer/supporter line.  However, since ttar has a pretty high HP, you might stand a good chance if you can get it going and can get a little luck with kricketune flips!  Have fun!

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