Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Feragligatr Golduck - kingzayzay

This is another deck that I had on my list to do a video review of, but I just haven't had the time. When I do get the time, I think I'll be doing more decks that are relevant to the current format, so right now I'm just going to try and catch up on a lot of older decks that I wasn't able to video review. However, I'm going to try and review it like I would a current deck.

4-4 Golduck
3-2-3 Feraligatr Prime
4 Delibird
Pokemon Total -20

16 Water Energy

3 Interviewers Questions
2-2 Pokemon Collector/ Dual Ball
1 Flower Shop Lady
2 Copycat
2 Professor Elms Training Method
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Rare Candy
1 Switch
2 Juniper
1 Pokemon Circulator
1 Energy Retrieval
Trainer/Supporter Total - 24

Pokemon Analysis
Delibird is a great draw engine once feraligatr is in play. However, pokemon with draw abilities are best at the beginning of a game, so likely you won't be able to draw much off of delibird until your feraligatr gets going.  For this reason I would suggest dropping it and adding in a single cleffa.  Instead, I would include a couple of kyurem to spread damage early in the game, then use golduck to get knock outs once your kyurems are knocked out.  Golduck hits harder for more water energy on the field, which is great, but with all the lightning in the format, will easily be one shot, which is why I recommend the kyurem as an early attacker.

Energy Analysis
While a lot of energy is great, you have several tools for recycling it, so I'd add in 2 rescue energy and bring your water energy down to 10.  Or if you wanted to keep straight water, just run 12 and drop the rescue energy.

Trainer/Supporter Total
If you can run 4 collector, that would be more consistent that dual ball.  Super rod can replace the flower shop lady so you won't have to use your supporter for the turn on recovery.  Instead of circulator, I'd add in 3 pokemon catcher.  If you can bring up something heavy while you spread damage with kyurem, you'll have a better chance, even against the lightning decks.  I'd increase your PONT to 4, taking out the elm and copycat.  Adding in 2 fisherman, 1 more energy retrieval and 4 junk arm will ensure that you have a constant flow of energy.  I'd reduce your interviewers to 1-2. With enough draw support, you should be able to get energy quite easily (in addition to hopefully some other cards as well).  Adding in twins (since you might lose a few totodile or psyduck early on), will help you get back in the game.

I apologize again for taking so long to get this review back to you.  Perhaps once lightning isn't dominating the field, this deck will have a better chance against the current meta!

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