Thursday, January 12, 2012

Samurott Emboar - ThePikachuProject

1 reshiram
3-2-2 Emboar (1 ability, 1 non)
2 -1 Simisear
3-2-1 Stoutland
1-1 Suicune and Entei legend
4-3-2 Samurott (1 ability, 1 non)
Pokemon Total = 28

11 water
11 fire
Energy Total = 22

4 potion
3 switch
1 pokemon communication
1 legend box
1 cheerleader's cheer
Trainer/Supporter Total = 10

Pokemon Analysis
You have very strong lines of pokemon, bu there's so many of them that you don't have much room for trainers/supporters to be able to get the deck working as you want it to.  Your line of samurott is the strongest, so lets start with that one.  I'd include one more of each samurott so that you have the option of sniping or hitting hard each turn.  Your line of emboar is fairly strong too, but I'd max it out like samurott at 4-3-4 with 2 of each type of emboar.   I'd drop the stoutland, legend, simisear and reshiram to make room for trainers and supporters.  The only other pokemon I'd recommend is a cleffa in case you need a new hand or need to stall.

Energy Analysis
Again, we need more room for trainers and supporters to try and make this deck work, so reduce your energy line 8 fire and 6 water.  Both samurotts can attack without water energy which is why I'm putting more emphasis on the fire energy.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 pokemon collector to fill up your bench fast.  4 rare candy will allow you to quickly evolve and 4 pokemon communication will help you get any pokemon you need into your hand.  I'd reduce your switch to 2 and add in many other trainers like 2-3 pokemon catcher to bring up your opponents bench, 4 junk arm to reuse trainers and 1 super rod to put pokemon and energy back into your deck. Now all we need is shuffle/draw power.  4 professor oaks new theory, 2-3 cheren and 2-3 juniper should help you draw into what you need.  Since I suggested dropping legend, you won't need the legend box. I'd also drop the potion since it's more important to get your strong pokemon out fast than worry about healing them.  Everything you run has pretty high HP, so it'll take some work from your opponent to knock them out.  Since you're running multiple stage 2 pokemon, you'll likely lose a few in their earlier stages before you get them running.  That will allow you to use twins to help you finish getting set up.

I've never tried a combination of all the emboars and samurotts before, but it could possibly work out well.  Ability emboar will provide energy to everything and you can use your manual attachment to put water onto ability samurott to increase it's hitting power.  The different types should help cover their respective weaknesses too.  Good luck with this deck!

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