Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kingdra Samurott - Zargonorix

3-2-3 Kingdra (2 prime, 1 non)
3-2-3 Samurott (2 ability, 1 non)
2 Manaphy
2-2 Zoroark (Foul Play)
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 23

10 water
Energy Total = 14

1 Twins
3 Junk Arm
2 Prof. Oak New Theory
3 Rare Candy
3 Pokemon Catcher
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Pokemon Collector
2 Dual Ball
1 Flower Shop Lady
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Switch
Trainer/Supporter Total = 23

Pokemon Analysis
With catcher in the format, increasing the number of basics helps to get the evolutions set up.  So adding one more oshawott and horsea should do.  I'd drop the manaphy to make room for this addition since the single cleffa should be all the you need.  With lightning being huge in the format, I worry that you're going to get taken out easily in tournaments, but maybe increasing the zoroark count will help counter the lightning.  I'd focus on just kingdra prime instead of the non prime since samurott is already a heavy water hitter.  Being able to snipe 3 times each turn can be devastating as it builds up.

Energy Analysis
If you find that you need extra room in the deck for something fairly critical, like a trainer/supporter, you should be safe to go down on your energy count by at least 2.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
With 2 stage 2 pokemon, you might be a bit slow setting up, so increasing your number of twins to 2, possibly 3, should help.  4 pokemon collector instead of dual ball should ensure a fast set up early in the gamme.  With 2 stage 2's, maxing out your rare candy and possibly communication to 4 each might help your speed.  Now that we have super rod for recovery, you can substitute it for the flower shop.  I personally like to have 4 junk arm in the deck to increase my options of reusing cards at any time.  With durant decks, having access to more super rod and switch can be very helpful.  Finally, you need a bit more shuffle/draw power.  Maxing out your PONT and including a couple of juniper and/or cheren should fix that.  I don't think you need the energy retrieval since you have quite a few energy in the deck and have access to super rod as well.  Dropping those should also give you a bit more room in the deck for some of my suggestions.

You have a deck that's capable of hitting for quite a bit per turn, especially with the help of multiple kingdra on the bench to continuously snipe each turn.  I think the only flaw is just going to be your set up.  Trying to get 2 stage 2 pokemon up fairly fast and continuously hit is going to be a challenge, but I think with the right combination of trainers and supporters, it's very possible.  Good luck!!

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