Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hydreigon Emboar - Reignoftime

4-1-4 Hydreigon
2-1-2 Emboar (ability)
2-2 Zoroark BW
1 Tyrogue
Pokemon Total = 19

12 fire energy
4 double colorless
Total Energy = 16

2 switch
3 pokemon catcher
4 pokemon communication
4 pokemon collector
4 rare candy
2 super rod
3 cheren
Trainer/Supporter Total = 25

Hydregion is a powerful attacker since it can attack the active as well as 2 of the benched pokemon for quite a bit of damage in one attack.  The downside is that the attack requires 4 dark energy, but it's ability states that any energy attached to hydregion can be counted as dark.  This opens up energy acceleration pokemon like emboar, typhlosion, eelekrik etc...  This deck has chosen ability emboar to attach fire.  Zoroark is a good all around tech to copy the attacks of its opponent.  Tyrogue can be used as a good staller as well as getting the donk on opposing cleffas.

Pokemon Analysis
With pokemon catcher in the format, I'd increase  your emboar to a 3-2-2 line.  I'd also increase your hydregion to a 4-2-3 in case of trainer lock.  With super rod, you don't need to max out your hydregion since you can always reuse them.  I find that running a single cleffa helps to set decks up much faster, and therefore would recommend it over tyrogue.

Energy Analysis
With the new supporter Cilan to search out basic energy, I think you'll be safe in reducing your fire energy to 10.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You already have a great line of trainers/supporters!  I'd add in 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainer in your deck.  This will help you get set up faster and give you access to resources that you might need extra of (like extra switches against durant or another catcher to clinch that last KO).  You should easily be able to drop a super rod since your lines of pokemon are strong enough that you might not need any.  Cilan, the new supporter from Next Destinies, lets you search 3 basic energy from the deck which can really increase the speed of your deck.  2-3 of them should be enough.  Since you run 2 stage 2 pokemon, you're probably not going to be taking the first prize as you get set up, so I'd add in 2-3 twins to help you finish getting set up.  To make room for these additions, you can probably reduce your catcher to 2, cheren and PONT.

Hydreigon is one of my favorite pokemon from the last set, but I haven't had time to really test it well.  I'm glad to see another fan of the card and hopefully you'll be able to do well with it!

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