Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Way too many different pokemon - pokeymonism7

2 Lapras (for Call for Family)
1 Articuno
3-3 Tangrowth
1 Virizion (NV)
1 Druddigon
2 Tornadus (1 FA)
3 Thundurus (1 FA)
2 Zekrom
1 Reshiram
1 Reshiram EX (FA)
1 Mewtwo EX
1-1 Suicune Entei Legend
Pokemon Total = 23

4 Sages Training
3 Communication
3 Twins
1 Cilan
1 Cheren
1 Rock Helmet
1 Dual Ball
1 Max Potion
1 Potion
Trainer/Supporter Total = 18

4 Rainbow
3 Grass
4 Water
5 Lightning
Energy total = 19

I honestly have no clue what the strategy of this deck could be.  There's so many different attackers and different types of pokemon that you'd pretty much just be attacking with whatever you drew into.

Pokemon Analysis
There's many different ways to go about making this more consistent.  First, stick to one primary type.  All lightning, grass or water, but not all three.  If you want a second type as a tech, like a lightning type to combat the water types that would knock out your fire type if you made that a primary, that's easy to make room for.  Since you're so spread out, I'm not going to suggest you try one thing and let you decide what you want your main attackers to be.  However, keep that Mewtwo EX in as a counter to other Mewtwo EXs.  I'd also keep tornadus in since it can power up the bench while attacking.

Once you have your type figured out, you'll want to consider if you want any energy acceleration.  If you don't have any energy acceleration like typhlosion or emboar for fire decks, or pachirisu/shaymin or eelektrik for lightning decks, then you'll want to choose low cost attackers.

Energy Analysis
As long as you run Mewtwo and Tornadus, I'd max out your DCE.  The rest of the energy should be a basic energy that matches your main attacker.  If you have a different type tech'd attacker, you can consider running 2-3 prism or 2-3 of that basic.  Try to stay around 13 or less energy (total).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
If all of your pokemon are basics, then run 4 collector and 2-3 dual ball.  If you decide to have some stage 1's, then take out the dual ball and add in a combination of level ball, communication and heavy ball, depending on what your pokemon are.  WIthout knowing exactly what pokemon you'll decide on, I can't get too specific, but just make other general suggestions.  A combination of around 10 draw cards like PONT, juniper, cheren and N.  Trainers would include a few catcher, a switch, 3-4 junk arm and a super rod.

Since this deck has so much going on, I can't really do a proper deck review on it.  But once you decide what you want your pokemon lines to be, feel free to resubmit it! :D

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