Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Absol Victini Mew Bisharp - Danzlax

4 Absol Prime
4 mew Prime
2 Fliptini
2 V-Blast Victini
4-4 Bisharp (NV)
2-2 Cinccino (BW)
Pokemon: 24

2 Psychic
4 Prism Energy
7 Darkness
Energy: 17

3 Pokemon Collector
3 Professor Oak's New Theory
1 Professor Juniper
1 Cheren
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Plus Power
4 Level Ball
Trainer/Supporter Total = 21

Absol is the starting pokemon since as long as it's in the active position, when your opponent benches a pokemon, they have to put two damage counters on it.  This fuels up bisharp, who does 50 more damage once the defending pokemon is damaged.  Cincinno is a strong attacker who hits for 100 when the bench is full.  V-blast victini and fliptini go together - with the right flips, v blast victini can hit hard and fliptini allows for a second flip if the first one failed. I'm not quite sure why the mew prime is in the deck.  Absol can be used to attack, but it's purpose is mostly to inflict that initial damage to the bench. I'd focus energy on benched pokemon rather than absol and mew.

Pokemon Analysis
Since mew prime doesn't fit in the deck, I'd drop it.  I personally don't care for the 2 victini's either.  It's best to rely on your attackers than than flip of a coin.  By maxing out your cincinno, you have a very strong secondary attacker.  A single cleffa will help you get set up or stall later in the game.

Energy Analysis
Prism energy only works on basic pokemon and since  you have two stage 1 pokemon, it's not that useful.  I'd drop the psychic and prisms, drop 3 of the basic dark and add 4 of the special dark.  So your energy line would be 4 DCE, 4 special dark and 4 regular dark.  12 energy should be more than enough for the deck and will give you more room for essential trainers/supporters.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Maxing out your collector to 4 will help you set up the bench early in the game.  More draw power like maxing out your PONT, increasing juniper to 2 and increasing cheren to 3-4 will help.   A super rod will help you bring back pokemon as they're KO'd (or any basic energy that you may need).  Since all of your attackers have low HP, 4 level ball is a great choice.  I'd add in one switch to save your energy and 4 junk arm to be able to reuse any trainers.  Since you run so many level ball, you can drop the communication (you can always use your junk arm to use another level ball).

This is a deck that should be fairly quick to set up, so you should be able to start hitting extremely fast.  The only problem is that everything has low HP, meaning that it will be easy to score several KO's, but depending on how fast of a start you get, you should still have a good shot!  Good luck!

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