Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hydreigon Scizor- solprps

3-2-3 Hydreigon
3-3 Scizor Prime
3-3 Zoroark BW
1 Cleffa
1 Skarmory
Pokemon Total = 22

3 Sage
3 Collector
2 Juniper
3 Rare Candy
3 Junk Arm
3 Communication
2 Switch
2 Catcher
Trainer/Supporter Total -24

4 Special Dark
4 Special Metal
2 Metal
Energy Total = 14

When I first looked at this rogue deck, I didn't think it was anything spectacular, but when I began to think about it, I realized the synergy between the pokemon and how they do work very well together.  Skarmary is the energy acceleration for the deck, attaching a metal energy to the bench for it's attack.  This can build up scizor prime or hydregion.  Despite hydregion's dark type, it's ability says that any energy attached to it counts as dark. Scizor can be treated as a tank, piling special metals on it which not only reduces damage done to it, but adds to scizors attack.  Hydregion's attack hits not only the active, but also two of the benched pokemon, making it a formidable sniper.

Pokemon Analysis
Skarmory is a card you want to start with, so I'd increase it to 2-3 to ensure that you can use it early in the game.  I'd also consider adding in a single shaymin.  That way you can move your special energy around to benefit the pokemon of it's type.  Since your running so many different types of energy, it could be useful to have the option to change things around, especially later in the game.  To make room for this, I'd reduce your zoroark line to 2-2.  I'd add in one more basic for your hydregion, just in case you lose a few early in the game to catcher.

Energy Analysis
I wouldn't change a thing.  DCE will help hydregion get powered up as well as allow zoroark to attack. Special dark adds more damage output to hydregion and special metal helps protect scizor as well as increasing's its damage output too.  If you needed to drop anything to find room for one more card in the deck, you could probably drop a regular metal.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd max out your collector to ensure a full bench early in the game.  4 junk arm will also help you reuse your trainers, especially your switch and catcher.  While you don't run much basic energy, 1 super rod could still be helpful for getting lost pokemon back.  Having that card makes it safer to reduce your pokemon lines as well for more space.  To make room for this, I'd suggest dropping the sage. With the juniper, there's already the potential of you discarding a lot of cards throughout the game, and with all the special energy, the chances of you discarding too much and not being able to attack are high. If you have any room, adding in more draw support like another PONT, a couple of N or a couple of cheren would help.

This is one of my favorite decks that's been submitted so far because while it's something that's not in the current meta, it seems like it could work very well against current top tier decks.  I've tried to suggest a few things that might make it a bit more consistent, but since you're already had some great success with it, you may not even need my suggestions! Hope it continues to work well for you!

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