Monday, February 6, 2012

Zekrom Eelektrik - MrPooned

4 zekrom (bw)
3 colbalion (nv)
3-2 escavalir (nv)
4-4 eelektrik
2 tornadus (ep)
2 emolga (nv)
Pokemon Total = 24

2 N
2 Bianca 
4 energy search
4 junk arm
2 switch
4 catcher
2 great balls
Trainer/Supporter Total = 20

10 lightning energy
6 metal energy
Energy total = 16

This is a modification (and a really good modification) of one of the Noble Victories theme decks.  Eelekrik adds energy from the discard pile to benched pokemon, which means that you can power up your pokemon fairly quickly.  Zekrom is the biggest attacker to take advantage of the eel since you can have one active while building up the bench as well.  Coballion is a way to prevent a pokemon from attacking while tornadus is a great starter since it can attack and power up the bench at the same time.

Pokemon Analysis
I think you should be safe dropping the escavalir and emolga.  I'm honestly not sure about the coballion since it's going to be hard to power up without the eels.  You might want to consider something that can take the same energy type (mewtwo ex's first attack is colorless) or something that has a different type but takes lightning, like the stunfish with the electric attack costs. Thundurus is a great pokemon for this deck as well, especially as a starter to get more energy on the field, so I might consider adding 2-3 of them.  

Energy Analysis
If you decide to keep the coballion, I think you can reduce the metal energy to 4.  The total count of 14 energy should give you a bit more room for more trainers/supporters.  If you find you need a bit more room, it would be safe to go down to an overall count of 13 energy. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 collector are going to help you get your bench set up as fast as possible.  A new supporter from Next Destinies, Cilan, lets you search for 3 basic energy. 1-2 of this card would be better than the energy search.  Instead of great ball, I'd add in 3-4 communication to help you get those eelekrik out.   A super rod should be enough recovery to refill your deck, recover pokemon or put back any metal energy that can then be reused.  With 4 junk arm, you're probably safe to go down to 3 catcher.  If you have anymore room, I'd look at adding a couple of juniper and cheren to help you draw through your deck.  

You did a great job of taking a theme deck and turning it into something that has a chance at tournaments.  I think once you focus more on the lightning aspect of the deck rather than the metal and increase your trainers/supporters, you'll find that the deck runs even better!

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