Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scizor Amphoaros - ShiningDarkLatios

2 Manaphy
1 Tyrogue
3-3 Scizor Prime
2-2-2 Ampharos Prime
2 Zekrom
Pokemon Total = 17

5 Lightning
10 Metal
Energy Total = 17

3 Catcher
1 Twins
2 Dual Ball
4 Collector
2 Junk Arm
2 Communication
2 Cheren
2 Juniper
2 N
2 Super Scoop Up
Trainer/Supporter Total = 26

Manaphy is the starting pokemon, serving as a hand refresher to help you get set up.  Tyrogue can also be used to KO 30 HP pokemon (typically cleffas).  Ampharos prime's pokebody does damage to your opponents pokemon every time energy is attached.  Zekrom is just an overall powerful attacker that can repeatedly hit for 120.  With eviolite and defender, it does little damage to itself.  Scizor prime is considered a tank since you can build up special metal energies on it to reduce damage from attacks.  Each energy also adds to the damage it puts out.  If  you can keep it on the bench long enough to build up, you'll have a great attacker that's going to be difficult to KO.

Pokemon Analysis
You have three pokemon that are essentially your starters - tyrogue and 2 manaphy. I'd prefer to stick with a single starter (like 1 manaphy or cleffa) and use the extra space in the deck to strengthen the number of your other pokemon.  I favor cleffa over manaphy to get that extra card, free retreat, and lack of energy cost, but that's a players preference.  I'd add a few more basic pokemon to your lines, like increasing scizor prime to 3-2 and ampharos prime to 3-1-2, or even a 4-2-3.

Energy Analysis
I'd swap out some of your basic metal energy for special metal energy so you can prevent as much damage as possible from reaching scizor.  17 energy is way too much for this type of deck, so I'd try this - 2 DCE, 4 lightning, 4 special metal and 3 regular metal.  13 energy should be more than enough to keep you going.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Since you have 4 collector, I'd drop the dual ball.  I'd add in 2 more junk arm to reuse your trainers, 1 switch in case your ampharos is brought up to stall (you might even want to consider a second switch), 1 super rod to get your energy and pokemon back into the deck, and 2 more communication to ensure you can get out the pokemon that you need.  I would drop the super scoop up since this isn't really a deck that can utilize it.  Your going to have to be careful with your energy attachments each turn, and by scooping your pokemon up, you're also scooping up all that energy.  It's best to get one more attack out of that pokemon about to be KO'd.  If you're concerned about not being able to draw into energy, I'd add in one Cilan to search out 3 basic energy. This may be needed since you run two different types of energy.  N is a card that could hurt your deck as much as help it since you don't have a deck that can play just off the field (like reshiphlosion).  So I'd drop the N and put in 2 rare candy instead to help you get those ampharos up faster.  If you still have room in the deck you may want to consider another juniper, cheren or more twins.  Zekrom is your initial attacker, so it may be good to have a couple of eviolite and/or defender to prevent it from doing too much damage to itself with bolt strike.  You could also consider experience share to save some of your energy attachments.  If you need more room in the deck, you could always drop a catcher.   Many decks can easily do well with only 2 catcher as long as they run 4 junk arms to give themselves the possibility of reusing them.

I can see your ampharos being perfect catcher bait to stall while your opponent gets set up, so you'll have to be careful with your switches.  If you can get a scizor up with several energy, you may do very well.  But I would be concerned about your basics being targeted and KO'd before you can get set up.

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