Monday, February 13, 2012

Samurott Zekrom - zackboy73

4-3-3 Samurott (2 ability, 1 non)
3 Zekrom
1 Thundurus
1 Tornadus
1 Pachirisu
1 Cleffa
2-1 Cinccino BW
1 Cryogonal #32
Pokemon Total = 21

1 Potion
3 Energy Retrieval
1 Switch
3 energy search
2 Revive
2 Poke Ball
1 Rocky Helmet
1 Pokemon Collector
1 Professor Elm's Training Method
2 Twins
1 Seeker
1 Team Rocket's Trickery
2 CopyCat
Trainer/Supporter Total = 21

8 Water
7 Lightning
2 Rescue
Energy Total = 19

This looks very similar to a ZPST deck, but with a few modifications.  It's missing a crucial shaymin to move energy around, mainly from the pachirisu that allows 2 more energy to be attached per turn.  The samurott line serves as additional attackers, being able to both tank and snipe.

Pokemon Analysis
With the samurott line, there's no need for the single cryogonal.  I would also drop the cincinno line and either the thundurus or tornadus.  They're both great starters, but you should focus on only one. Since the samurott line moves you away from the standard ZPS deck, I'd increase your thundurus to 3, aim to start with it and get more energy on the field.  I would add a shaymin so you can move those energy off of pachirisu and have them go towards a stronger attacker.  If you find that you're relying on this pachi/shaymin combo a lot, you may want to add a second copy of each card.

Energy Analysis
19 energy is a bit too much for this deck.  It takes away from other areas and with the supporter Cilan and plenty of recovery options, you should easily be able to go down to around 13-14 energy.  I'd drop the rescue energy and decrease the water by 3.  You can always rely on other energy like DCE to power it up quickly, then use shaymin to move water energy onto it and move the DCE/lightning onto something else.  I recommend keeping more lightning than water since your energy acceleration (pachirisu/shaymin) only works with lightning.  You want to increase the chances that you can attach 2, rather than 1, energy when you play it.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Maxing out your pokemon collector will ensure that you get your bench set up early in the game.  To help search for pokemon that you need, I'd include 3 pokemon communication.  Eviolite will work much better with zekrom than rocky helmet, so I'd swap the two.  You need a bit more draw like 2-3 PONT, 2 juniper and 2-3 cheren.  I'd include one Cilan in case you have a hard time getting energy out.  I like the twins since you might be behind on prizes while you get your samurott going, but you can easily drop the the energy search, energy retrieval, potion, pokeball, revive, trickery and possibly the elm.   If you find there's a lot of trainer lock in your area, 1 elm may not be a bad idea.  I'd also add in one super rod to recover pokemon and energy.  If you find that you're really getting rid of a lot of energy, one energy retreival (rather than 3) should be all that you need.  I'd add in 2 catcher to bring up your opponents bench and 4 junk arm to reuse any of your trainers.  I'd add in another seeker or possible a super scoop up (that you can reuse with junk arm) so you can reuse shaymin and/or pachirisu's powers.

Once you add the shaymin to move around energy, I think you'll find that this deck works a lot faster.  You might even find that you can lower, or even drop, your twins depending on how the deck is working for you.  Good luck!

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