Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scizor Lanturn Klingklang - ProjectPokemonHQ

3-3 Scizor Prime
3-3 Lanturn Prime
2-1-2 Klinklang (ability)
1 Cleffa
Pokemon Total = 18

2 Collector
2 Sage's
2 Elms
1 Interviewers
1 Twins
3 Communication
2 Catcher
2 rare candy
2 Junk Arm
2 Energy Exchanger
2 Switch
2 Plus Power
Trainers/Supporters = 26

4 Special Metal
3 Lightning
8 Metal
Energy Total = 15

Scizor and Lanturn are your main attackers.  Scizor can be set up as a tank with special metals and Lanturn hits harder when there's more energy on its side of the field.  To save that energy, ability klinklang comes into play.  Lanturn can be a quick attacker and then retreated.  Klinklang's ability lets you move around metal energy, meaning that you can easily transfer metal energy from lanturn (or klinklang) to scizor to power it up in one turn.

Pokemon Analysis
The hardest part is getting a klingklang up and keeping it alive.  With a fairly low HP, it's easy to catcher up and KO.  So I'd recommend increasing the line to a 3-1-2.

Energy Analysis
I typically like to stick close to around 13 energy in a deck.  Since lanturn really benefits from DCE, I'd include 2-3 DCE.  Lanturn is just as important as scizor for attacking so I'd increase your lightning to 4.  The rest of the energy I'd make metal  - 4 special metal and 2-3 basic metal.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Maxing out your collector will help you get a full bench early in the game.  Maxing out your junk arm will give you more options to re-use your trainers (especially your switch).  Since you don't have a damage cap (you're damage continues to increase for as many energy as you can put out), I think you can safely drop the plus power.  I'm tempted to swap the energy exchanger as well and just include more draw support to help you draw into them, as well as other useful things.  I'd drop the interviewers, but if you really want energy search, 1 Cilan is much more consistent.  I'd probably drop the elms as well unless you have a lot of trainer lock in your area.  This deck doesn't recover much from the discard pile, so I'd drop the sage as well.  I'd add in one super rod to give you a bit of recovery in case you need it.  The other supporters I'd suggest are 2 juniper and 2-3 cheren.

If you can keep your energy on the field, you could really abuse your pokemon's lack of damage cap and be able to hit very hard.  With these few tweaks, hopefully it'll be more consistent.

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