Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Arcanine Cincinno Tornadus - TheHappyTooth4

1 Tyrogue
1-1 Pansage
2 Reshiram
1 Tornadus FA
1 Minccino
1-1 Mienshao
3-1 Ability Arcanine
Pokemon Total = 13

2 Rare candy
2 level Ball
3 Rocky Helmet
3 Eviolite
1 Recycle
1energy search
2 Skyarrow Bridge
1 Cilan
1 Cheren
2 Exp. Share
1 Black belt
1 crushing hammer
Trainer/Supporter Total = 20

3 Double colorless
5 Grass
13 Fire
5 Fighting
Energy Total = 26

This seems to be a deck that was built on whatever was available rather than what works together.  The baby tyrogue is a great way to get the donk on your opponent as well as stall for a while.  Tornadus is an attacker that can fuel up the bench while attacking.  Arcanine's ability can inflict burn on the opposing pokemon, possibly adding damage counters to get it closer to a knockout.  Reshiram is the strongest attacker in the deck, but unfortunately this deck lacks a way to keep him powered up.  The new pansage's first attack collect will help you draw cards and hopefully get you set up, but with it being a stage 1, it's going to be difficult to get it going early when you'll need it the most.  

Pokemon Analysis
I'd drop the pansage line for a cleffa.  That will let you refresh your hand and hopefully draw into what you need.  Ability arcanine is a good card, especially if you use the growlithe that lets you attach an energy as its attack.  So I'd max out that line to 4-4.  Cincinno, the pokemon that evolves from mincinno, is a great attacker.  The card from BW is my favorite, although the new one from Next Destinies is also good (it's ability can prevent your opponent from attacking you).  So I'd run a 4-4 line of them, splitting the cincinno's between the two different types.  Tornadus is a pokemon that's great to start with and with the help of DCE, can start hitting turn 2, so I'd increase your number to 4 of these as well.  I'd probably keep the two reshiram in as a potential heavy attacker, wouldn't increase it's number since you won't be able to keep it consistently powered up.  I'd drop all the other pokemon to make room for these suggestions.

Energy Analysis
I'd max out your double colorless to 4 since most of your pokemon can utilize it for attacks.  The rest of the energy I would keep as just straight fire since we've now dropped all the other pokemon.  8 fire should be more than enough.  A total of 12 energy should allow this deck to work while giving you more room for trainers/supporters to get it running efficiently. 

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You seem to have a lot of trainers, but not many supporters.  So lets first add in 4 collector to fill up your bench, another cheren for draw, 2 juniper and 3-4 PONT for new hands.  You don't need rare candy since you don't have any stage 2 pokemon, just stage 1.  In addition to the level ball, I'd add in 2 communication to help you search out pokemon.  You have quite a few pokemon tools, but since you can only have one attached to a pokemon, it would be best to drop some of them so they're not just wasted. 3 eviolite and 3 experience share should be enough. Since you might be behind on prizes as you attach energy, I'd add in 2-3 twins rather than the black belt.  So you don't have to burn energy, I'd include at least 1 switch and 4 junk arm to reuse it as well as any other trainers.  Pokemon catcher is going to be an essential addition, at least 2-3, to take out your opponent's critical pokemon.  A super rod to recover pokemon and energy would be useful too.

As it stands, this deck would not do well in a tournament.  But by increasing the lines of pokemon, reducing energy and increasing your trainers/supporters, you'll be able to set up a lot faster and start doing damage.  Good luck!

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