Monday, February 27, 2012

Raichu Eelektrik - ZEKROM7685

1 cleffa
2 thunderus
2 zekrom
1 cryonogal
3-3 eelectric
3-3 raichu prime
Pokemon Total = 18

2 pont
2 judge
3 sage
3 n
4 collector
2 rare candy
2 swich
3 junkarm
3 communication
1 super rod
3 catcher
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

12 lightning energy
2 water energy
Energy total = 14

Eelekrik adds energy from the discard pile to your benched pokemon, making it easy to build up a pokemon rather than having to wait several turns for energy attachments.  Raichu lets you bring those benched energy to the active position, allowing it to remain active, but still hit turn after turn.  Cryogonal is a donphan counter, able to KO a donphan in one hit because of weakness.  Donphan is a significant threat to this deck because of the lightning pokemon's weakness to fighting.  Thundurus is a great starter, searching out energy and zekrom is a great additional attacker with it's powerful 120 bolt strike.  It's always good to have one cleffa in the deck to stall or get a fresh hand.

Pokemon Analysis
Many people have switched from Donphan Prime to Terrakion, so you can drop the cryogonal since it will rarely be effective anymore.  I'd add in 2 zekrom EX since it can one-shot terrakion as well as several other heavy pokemon in the format.  A Mewtwo EX just to counter other Mewtwo EXs wouldn't be a bad idea either.

Energy Analysis
Zekrom EX works much faster with DCE, so I would add at least 2, if not 3 to the deck.  The remaining energy should be lightning.  14 total should be a good number, however, you could probably go as low as 12 and still be safe.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Rare candy has been errata'd so that it can no longer be used on stage 1 pokemon, so dropping it will give us a few more spaces in the deck.  Since you can easily take advantage of throwing away lightning energy into the discard pile, it's safe to max out your sage and junk arm.  This deck doesn't run very well on N and judge since you don't have something like Magnezone to help you recover.  So I'd drop them in favor of maxing out your PONT and adding 2-3 juniper.

You have an excellent deck and once you add the new zekrom EX to it, you'll find that you have a much easier time KO'ing your opponent.  You'll likely find that that you can rely less on raichu and more on the basics as your attackers.  Good luck!

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