Thursday, February 2, 2012

Durant - Pokebeys

4 Mime.Jr
2-2 zoroark (BW)
1 sneasel (UN)
1 pichu (HGSS)
4 Durant
1-1 scizor prime
1 Cobalion
Pokemon Total = 17

10 metal energy
2 special metal
5 darkness energy
2 speccial darkness 
Energy Total = 20

3 twins
3 sage
4 Eviolite
1 Revive
1 Switch
1 Level ball
1 dual ball 
3 pokemon communication
1 Burned Tower
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Total = 21

The goal of this deck is to win by decking your opponent out rather than taking prizes.  Durant it the main attack who discards a card from the deck for every durant in play.  If there's 4 durant in play, then you'll be discarding 4 cards per turn ending the game in around 10 turns, depending on how your opponent plays.  If there's no durant, mime jr can also serve to put cards into the lost zone, which still decreases your opponents deck, just not as much as durant.  A single cobalion is an excellent addition to be able to take a KO or just prevent a heavy attacker from attacking, thus stalling a bit while you get set back up (coballions are usually used when a heavy retreater is attacking and to refill the bench of durants).

Pokemon Analysis
The standard durant deck focuses primarily on durant.  It adds in at least one rotom in case a durant is prized as well as a coballion.  Other than that, this deck doesn't need any other pokemon.  However, since you have a sneasel, it might not be a bad idea to also have a weaville which will force your opponent to discard cards.  Players often survive against durant by playing as little as possible from their hand in order to be able to shuffle in back into their deck to increase the size of their deck.  Weaville is an excellent way to discard crucial cards that they may be holding onto, like N or junk arm.  I'd recommend a 2-2 or 3-2 line of weaville.  I'd drop everything else (mime jr, zoroark, scizor and pichu).

Energy Analysis
Now that we've focused the pokemon line down, we can reduce the energy line to make more room for trainers/supporters.  I'd recommend 4 sp. metal and 6-8 basic metal.  12 energy should be more than enough for this deck since durant only requires one energy.

Here's where I have the most suggestions.  To ensure a fast durant start, you'll need 4 collector and 4 dual ball.  To keep those durants on the bench, you'll need 4 revive, a super rod and a flower shop lady.  Since you won't be taking many prizes, if any, max out your twins to 4.  To further stall your opponent, adding in a combination of 5 crushing hammer/lost remover cards is needed.  4 catcher will let you drag up a heavy retreater while you keep discarding their deck.  4 junk arm will let you reuse any of your trainers.  I'd add in some shuffle/draw cards like 3 juniper and 2 N/judge.  1-2 seeker will let you reuse weaville.  If you're having trouble finding room for everything, I'd drop the weaville line and seeker.  Focusing on stalling and durant is more consistent than removing cards from their hand.   The other cards like communication, burned tower, sage and level ball can be dropped to make room for some of the suggestions.

Durant decks will be fairly popular at States this year. I think if you focus on the durant aspect rather than the other pokemon, you should do very well.  The key is getting the right combination of trainers/supporters to be able to get this deck set up and working.  

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