Thursday, February 16, 2012

Illumise Volbeat - aquajet8

1x cleffa
4x illumise
4x volbeat
1-1 sunflora
1-1 cinccino
1 victini (flip)
Pokemon Total = 14

2 defender
3 pluspower
3 pokemon communication
4 junk arm
1 energie retrieval
1 super scoop up
1 revive
1 switch
1 sages training
1 flower shop lady
1 judge
3 catcher
4 collector
Trainer/Supporter Total = 29

9 grass energy
4 rescue energy
Energy Total = 17

Two of this deck's attackers rely on each other - volbeat and illumise.  They both have attacks that are dependent on the other being in play.  Volbeat can snipe as long as illumise in on the bench, and illumise does 30 times a coin flip for each volbeat in play.  This is where flip-victini helps.  If those coin flips go poorly, fliptini lets you try again.  The sunflora line helps you get your grass pokemon out while cincinno is a back up attacker, being able to hit for  a strong 100 with a full bench.

Pokemon Analysis
Since volbeat and illumise are basic pokemon, you shouldn't need sunflora to search them out.  Maxing out collector, dual ball and even level ball should be more than enough to get those pokemon out.  A 2-2 line of cincinno would be a much stronger, as well as 2 victini in case your first victini is catcher'd up.

Energy Analysis
17 is way more than you'll need.  I'd drop the rescue and rely on super rods/revives to get your pokemon back.  13 energy should be more than enough considering you have low cost attackers.  If you need more room in the deck, you should be able to safely drop your grass energy down to 7.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Your pokemon are very easy to knockout, so you're likely going to be behind on prizes throughout the game.  I'd include 2-3 black belt and 2-3 twins so that you can not only finish setting up, but add in a bit more damage to your attacks (especially with the EX's in the format now).  I'd add in 4 level ball since all of your pokemon have less than 90 HP and possibly 2-3 dual ball to help you get more of those basics.  With those, you should be able to drop the communication.  Instead of the flower shop lady, I'd put in a super rod, which can be reused with junk arm and doesn't waste your supporter for the turn.  You shouldn't need your energy retrieval either.

Something I would try with this deck is trying to continuosly disrupt your opponent.  You don't need much to keep going as far as energy and pokemon, so you should be able to do well with a low hand.  That means 3-4 N and 3-4 judge.  Dropping the defender, pluspower and sage should help you find room.  If you can't fit that many in, as many as you can should help. I might also consider adding another revive to ensure that you have a full bench of volbeat in play to maximize your flips from illumise.

The big weakness of this deck is the low HP of all the pokemon.  But since it's so quick to get set up, by constantly disrupting your opponent, you may have a good shot!  Even so, this is probably more of a fun deck more than anything, especially with the new EX's in the format.  Enjoy!

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