Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mewtwo Emboar Typhlosion - VictoryForVictini

1 Mewtwo EX
1 First Contact Elgyem
2-2-1 Emboar
2 Ability Onix
2-2-1 Typhlosion Prime
Pokemon Total = 14
3 Switch
1 Pokemon Catcher
3 Communication
3 Heavy Ball
4 Eviolite
4 Cilan
1 Twins
2 Battle City
Trainer/Supporter Total = 25
12 Fire
7 Psychic
2 Rescue Energy
Energy Total = 21
Elgyem is to help get the bench full by using it's first attack to put pokemon onto the bench. Ability emboar and typhlosion prime are used to keep a steady stream of fire energy on any pokemon.  Mewtwo EX is your strongest attacker, using primarily X Ball to attack with the attack increasing in power for more energy attached to the defending pokemon and active pokemon.  Onix's ability lets you heal when you attach energy, however, it only works on Onix, so you can't use it on other pokemon.  (This was a card that they made an 'errata' for, clarifying the ability). 
Pokemon Analysis
It's more effective to use pokemon collector or pichu to fill up your bench rather than elgyem, so I'd drop it.  Mewtwo EX is an excellent attacker and since it's a primary attacker, I'd increase it to 2. Since ability Onix cannot be used to heal other pokemon, I'd drop it.  Adding a cleffa will get you a fresh hand if you need it, and possibly allow you to stall.  I'd change up your typhlosion prime and ability emboar line to 3-1-2 each, relying on rare candy to help evolve.  I might even increase typhlosion prime to 4-2-3 and use it as an excellent secondary attacker as well as disrupter since it discards your opponents energy too.  Reshiram EX would also work in this deck and would be easy to set up with both typhlosion and emboar as energy acceleration techs.  If you have room, you can also add ninetales for a draw engine, but I doubt with the two stage 2 lines that you'll have room. 
Energy Analysis
21 energy is was too much, even in mewtwo decks.  13-15 should be what you aim for.  I would focus only on Mewtwo's first attack, allowing you to focus only on the fire energy aspect. Dropping all the psychic energy will allow you to fit quite a few other cards in.  Rescue energy is excellent, especially if you don't have a second mewtwo.  If you can't get a second Mewtwo, I'd increase your rescue to 3.   
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 pokemon collector will ensure that you get your bench set up fast.  I'd increase your pokemon catcher to at least 2, if not 3. You can easily go down to 2 switch as long as you include 4 junk arm.  This will let you reuse any trainer, giving you more option for the deck.  For a deck with 2 stage 2 lines, you'll need 4 candy to ensure that you can get those pokemon going as soon as possible.  I dont think battle city is going to help you very much, and will help your opponent out just as much.  Increasing your draw support is going to be extremely important.  2-3 juniper and 2-3 cheren along with the PONT will help you get what you need.  With only 1 mewtwo, there's no need to have 4 eviolite, so you can easily reduce it to 2.  Since heavy ball will only search out emboar, you can drop it down to 2.  While Cilan is helpful, I think you can easily go down to 2, possibly 3.  The draw support is going to be more effective for drawing into energy that relying on drawing into Cilan.  1 super rod will let you recover pokemon and/or energy back into the deck.  Since typhlosion forces you to discard an energy card (as well as Ninetales if you decide to include it), I'd also include some additional energy recovery like 1 fisherman and/or 1-2 energy retrieval.
This deck is going to be a bit difficult to get going with both of the stage 2 pokemon.  Relying on typhlosion as an attacker rather than just a tech to attach energy will help you do damage, disrupt your opponent and help you keep the prize count close since you don't want to give your opponent too much of an advantage by just taking KO's on Mewtwo's.  Reshiram EX would also be an excellent alternate attacker that can take quite a few hits, especially since many people are running a mewtwo counter.

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