Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eelektrik Luxray Zekrom - McCloud326

2-1-2 Luxray ND
2 Zekrom
1 Tornadus
3-3 Eelektrik
1 Thundurus
1 Shaymin EX
Pokemon Total = 16

3 Junk Arm
4 catcher
3 level ball
2 eviolite
2 Juniper
4 Sages
3 collector
1 switch
2 cilan
1 Skyarrow bridge
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Total = 29

10 Lightning
2 Rainbow/Prism
Energy Total = 15

This deck uses the energy acceleration ability of Eelektrik to attach lightning energy from the discard pile to benched pokemon.  This can power up many attackers extremely fast.  Thundurus is an ideal starter to attach energy from the deck as well as put it in the discard pile after it attacks.  Shaymin EX is a late game attacker that hits harder for each prize taken by your opponent. Luxray is an excellent attacker, needing only one energy to do 60 and has a second attack that can discard your opponents energy.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd drop the tornadus and add in another thundurus. At the moment, it's the only pokemon that can consistently utilize DCE, and by cutting it out, you can also cut the DCE out of the deck as well.  I might add in one more shinx to increase the chances of you being able to set up a luxray without falling to early to catcher.

Energy Analysis
Without tornadus, the DCE can be dropped.  I would probably swap the rainbow/prism for grass energy so that you don't lose them to lost remover and can recover them later in the game with super rod if you need to.  12 energy in the deck may seem like little, but since you don't have magnezone for lost burns, it should be more than enough.

Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Analysis
You already have an excellent build to this deck, so my suggestions are going to be more fitting for my playstyle, but may help you as well.  While you do have a few pokemon that can be searched out with level ball, you have many that aren't, so I'd include 2-3 communication as well and may drop 1 level ball. With eelektrik having such a heavy retreat cost, I find that I often like 2 switch.  1 super rod is a must for getting back basic grass for shaymin, pokemon that you may have lost and need to reuse, or even putting energy back into the deck if your eels are KO'd.  I also prefer to max out the collector and junk arm, cutting back on the catcher.  With all the draw support, you shouldn't have issues drawing into energy, so I'd drop at least 1, if not both, Cilan.

You have an excellent build of an eelektrik deck already, so I hope some of my suggestions will help you out.  Other things you might want to consider adding are mewtwo ex with a couple of DCE to take care of opposing Mewtwo's, terrakion or other fighting pokemon for the mirror match, or something like zapdos for fighting match-ups.

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