Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cobalion Vileplume Cincinno - MagicalAces24

4-4 Smooth Coat Cinccino
4-1-3 Vileplume
4 Cobalion
4 Fliptini
Pokemon Total = 24

4 Metal Energy
8 Steel Energy
4 Rescue Energy
Energy Total = 20

4 Collector
4 Eviolite
2 Rare Candy
2 Twins
Trainer/Supporter Total = 16

This is what MagicalAces24 says the strategy of the deck is: Vileplume to stop catcher disrupting Cinccino, Fliptini to help Cinccino avoid damage, Cobalion to stall until fully set up.  There's one major flaw with this plan.  Fliptini only allow reflips for attacks, not for abilities.  However, it's still an excellent attacker, so it's certainly worth keeping in the deck.  There's lots of other pokemon that depend on flips like vanilluxe, scrafty, liligant and others.  You just have to decide if you want to add something like that along with Cincinno or swap it out.

Pokemon Analysis
You should be safe with a 3-1-2 Vileplume line.  That will give you a bit more room in the deck to add in a 'flippy' attacker.  I'd recommend a stage 1 that's easy to set up like liligant or scrafty, keeping it to a single 2-2 line.  With vileplume, your victini will be safe, so you can reduce it to 2.  A cleffa wouldn't be a bad addition either to give you a fresh hand or stall.

Energy Analysis
Metal and steel energy are the same thing, but I'm thinking you mean metal and special metal.  If you decide to add another attacker, I'd include some of the basic energy to go with it.  For example, if you add liligant, I'd add in 4 basic grass.  20 energy is way too much in the deck, so I'd recommend 4 of the basic energy for your flippy attacker, 4 DCE, 4 special metal and 1-2 basic metal.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
With vileplume you won't be able to use eviolite, which is only good on basics anyways.  3 rare candy and 3 communication typically ensure an early Vileplume.  4 sage will help you get rid of those useless trainers later on.  Since we've made quite a bit more room in this deck by reducing energy, I'd consider adding a few other cards.  1 flower shop will give you some recovery options.  1 cilan will help you search out those basic energy.  2 juniper will increase your draw power.  I'd max out your twins so you can ensure that once one of your pokemon is KO'd, you can get that vileplume out.  And if you have any more room, I'd recommend adding in some N.  By forcing them to shuffle into a low hand late in the game, you have a high likelihood of them drawing useless trainers, giving you more time to catch up.

This deck would be much better if fliptini worked on abilities, but since it doesn't, there's lots of changes needed to make it more competitive.  The biggest downside to the stage 1 attackers is that it takes a while to get KO's, meaning that in a timed tournament, you're going to be at a disadvantage.    However, with cincinno able to hit fairly hard, hopefully you can keep up with the KO's to stay in the game.

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