Monday, February 13, 2012

Eelektrik Zekrom - Xpredate

3 Zekrom
2-2  Eelektrik  
2-2 Raichu Prime
1-1 Lanturn Prime
1 Druddigon
Pokemon Total = 14

14 Lightning Energy
Energy Total = 16

4 Cheren
3 Pokemon catcher
2 Elms Theory
1 Twins
1 Chearleeders Cheer
1 Super rod
1 Switch
2 Energy Retreaval
3 Pokemon collector
1 Fisherman
2 Interviewrs question
3 Rocky helmet
3 Eviolite
1 Junkarm
2 Communication
Trainer/Supporter Total = 30

Eelektrik is the center of the deck.  It's ability allows it to recover lightning energy from the discard pile and attach it to the bench. In this way it can power up many pokemon in a single turn rather than having to wait for multiple turns.  Zekrom is a powerful attacker, able to hit for 120.  Raichu is also a strong attacker, but also has to discard all energy when it attacks.  This means that it must rely on the eels to attack each turn and can't power up something else at the same time.  Lanturn prime is a great attacker that does more damage for each energy on your side of the field.  If elektrik can keep a steady flow of energy onto the field, lanturn can hit quite a bit!  Pairing this with DCE means that it can hit even harder.

Pokemon Analysis
Since the  eelektrik  are so important to the deck, I'd recommend you increase them to 3-3 rather than 2-2.  Your opponent will be trying to take them out to slow you down, so it's essential that you have one as a backup in case you lose one during the game.  While raichu is a great hitter, zekrom works much better since it's a basic.  With eviolite, it doesn't do much damage to it.  I would take out the druddigon and raichu, increase  your lanturn prime line to 2-2 and add in a couple of thundurus.  It's a great starter for getting energy onto the field as well as into the discard pile.  

Energy Analysis
Since lanturn and zekrom can both use DCE, I'd max it out to 4 and decrease your lightning to 9-10.  A total of 13-14 energy should be all that you need for this deck to work.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd max out your collector to ensure your bench is set up early in the game.  This is typically a fast deck, so I don't think you'll need the twins.  I'd drop the interviewers for one Cilan, but with enough draw support, you may not need that.  I'd add in 4 sage (discard the lightning and keep the rest), 3 more junk arm (excellent for discarding energy),  1 switch since you have some heavy retreaters, 1 more communication and some PONT (2-3 depending on how much space you have).  To make room for these changes, I'd drop the fisherman and energy retrieval (super rod should be sufficient recovery), rocky helmet (you want to focus on getting your eviolite out on zekrom), 1 eviolite (it's something you'd only use on zekrom and something you can reuse with junk arm), 2 elm (unless you have a lot of trainer lock, in which case I'd keep one), cheerleaders cheer and twins (with thundurus, you'll usually be taking the first prize).  If you need more room, you can always drop a cheren, a catcher and reduce your energy by 1 (keeping it at 12-13), but I'd do these only if you absolutely need to.

Eelektrik decks are top tier decks right now, so you should do well in tournament, especially after a bit of tweaking.  

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