Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gliscor Krookodile Gigalith - flashcarnage

4-2-3 krookodile
3-2-2 gigalith
2-2 gliscor [1 pester, 1 ninja fang]
1 cleffa
1 snorlax
22 pokemon

15 fighting energy

2 oak's new theory
1 cheren
1 judge
1 sage's training
1 fisherman
1 team rocket's trickery
3 catchers
2 rare candy
2 max potion
2 communication
2 junk arm
2 switch
2 plus power
1 energy retrieval
Trainer/Supporter Total = 23

I'm not sure which gigalith you're running, but I'd probably split it between each type.  The one with core cannon is an excellent sniper and the one with rock bullet can hit the active very hard.  Both rely on a high number of fighting energy being attached though.  I'm not sure which krookodile you're running, but again, I'd do a split.  2 of the krookodile from BW that can use torment (prevents your opponent from using a specific attack) and 1 from EP with the ability that discard an energy card off of your opponent depending on the coin flip.  Gliscor is a quick pokemon to set up while you build up the bench.  It attacks for little energy and can inflict status conditions (paralysis being the most important one and only costing one energy).

Pokemon Analysis
You won't be able to run the 'pester' gliscor because that set has been rotated out.  You can still play the ninja fang one, so I'd just recommend adding another.  I would probably add another gligar to ensure you can get one up and running with pokemon catcher in the format.  To make room, I think you can safely drop the snorlax.  The other lines are strong.

Energy Analysis
I'd reduce your fighting energy down to around 12 to be able to make room for more trainers/supporters.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Since your gigalith rely on having a lot of energy attached to them, I'd add in 2-3 experience share, so that when the active is KO'd they can recover some of that energy.  I'd still include a super rod as discard recovery in case you need more pokemon/energy.  4 pokemon collector will help you fill up the bench early in the game.  4 rare candy will help you get those stage 2 pokemon going.  4 pokemon communication will ensure that you'll be able to find the exact pokemon you need.  Maxing out your junk arm will let you reuse any trainer.  I'd add in a few more shuffle/draw supporters like 2 juniper, 1 more cheren, 1 more sage, 1 N and 1 more PONT.  Something that would help your gigalith with 'shear' power up would be a couple of research records, but I'm not sure if you have the room for them. Finally, I'd add in 4 twins.  With so many stage 2 lines, you're likely going to lose a few.  I'd drop the max potion, pluspower, fisherman, team rockets trickery, energy retrieval and judge to make room for these changes.

You're going to probably struggle because of the double stage 2 lines.  But with your twins maxed out, you should be able to use them to finish getting set up and turn the game in your favor.  The hardest part is going to be managing your energy since your big attackers require quite a bit of energy.  If you find that you're relying more on gliscor, you might want to just max out that line and stick to only one of the stage 2's as a 'big' secondary attacker.

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