Monday, February 6, 2012

Excadrill Conkeldurr - SuperWildFire28

3-1 excadrill (drill run) EP
2-1 gurdurr (bulk up) BW 
1-1 zoroark EP
2 patrat BW 
3 audino BW
1 audino EP 
Pokemon Total = 15

4 sages training 
4 plus power
4 energy retrieval
2 pokemon communication 
2 potion 
3 energy search 
4 energy switch 
4 life herb 
3 energy exchanger 
2 full heal BW 
2 great ball EP 
1 eviolite 
Trainer/Supporters = 35

6 Fighting 
4 Dark
Energy Total = 10

Pokemon Analysis
I don't see any need for the audinos, patrat or zoroark.  I can see zoroark from BW being useful since it can copy the attacks of the defending pokemon, but I don't think the EP zoroark has much use in this deck.  A 2-2 line of BW zoroark should be enough.  I'd increase your excadrill line to a 3-3 or 4-3.  I'd also increase your gurdurr line to a 4-2-3 or 4-3-3 ability conkeldurr line.  The ability says that for each fightning energy attached, conkeldurr gets 20 more HP, meaning that you can really power this pokemon up. I'd also add a couple of shaymin so that you can keep your energy on the field to keep reusing it.  

Energy Analysis
I'd increase your energy to 8 fighting and 4 DCE. DCE can be used for zoroark BW as well as building up conkeldurr.  

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Usually I'm telling people to increase their trainers and supporters, but you already have a high number.  I think many of them can be exchanged for something more effective though.  To make this deck work, I'd try this - 4 collector to fill up the bench.  For draw/shuffle power, 3 PONT, 2 juniper and 2 cheren.  To make sure that you always have energy, 1-2 cilan.  To help power up conkeldurr, I'd add in 2 experience share.  1 super rod for recovery.  2 switch since you have heavy retreat costs.  3 catcher to bring up your opponents bench.  3-4 communication to help get the pokemon you need.  4 junk arm to reuse any of your trainers.  3 rare candy to help get those conkeldurr going without having to use the stage 1.  If you have any more room, sage's training can also work in this deck to help get those rare candies.  

Once you focus on your strong attackers and tweak your trainers/supporters, I think you'll find that this deck will set up and hit much faster and harder. Good luck!  

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