Monday, February 27, 2012

Kingdra Cincinno - HoundoomGuy

4 -4 Cinccino
4-2-3 Kingdra Prime
3-2 Zoroark
1 Cryogonal
Pokemon Total = 23

4 Collector
2 Sage
2 Interviewer
3 Candy
1 Judge
4 Catcher
3 Communication
3 Pluspower
Trainer/Supporter Total = 25

4 Rescue
4 Water
Energy Total = 12

Cincinno is the primary attacker, hitting for 100 with a full bench.  With multiple kingdra prime, you can use it's pokepower to add one damage counter each turn, meaning that could be doing up to 130 per turn.  Zoroark is an all around excellent attacker, being able to copy its opponents attacks.

Pokemon Analysis
I'm not sure why the cryogonal is in the deck.  If you wanted an actual water attacker, the non prime kingdra is perfect and would easily fit in the deck.  If you don't go with adding a non prime kingdra, I'd add in another prime since kingdra will often be catcher'd and KO'd with the many lightning pokemon in the format.

Energy Analysis
I would cut down the rescue by 1-2 and add in a few more water in its place.  There's more lost remover around, which can easily be reused with junk arm, so you don't want to keep losing your special energy because of it.  Basic energy are also recoverable, meaning that the chances of you running out of energy are slim.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I would drop both interviewer.  With enough draw support, you shouldn't need anything to search out energy.  Increased draw support includes maxing out your PONT and adding at least 3 juniper.  I'd keep the sage in if you have the room.  I'd drop the judge since that could hurt you just as much as help you.  Since you have a strong stage 2 line, I'd max out your candy.  1 super rod will let you recover energy and pokemon back into the deck.  4 junk arm will let you reuse anything you've already used.  1 switch will save you the energy from the retreat cost (you'd hate to discard a DCE because you had no other way to retreat!)

This deck was much better at the end of battle roads and possibly at the beginning of cities.  But now that lightning decks are dominating the current format, I think it'll be hard getting your kingdra set up and keeping them in play for very long.  If you're finding this is the case, then perhaps adding in some twins will help you recover (or black belt).  Typically though, this is an extremely fast deck because of how simple it is to get a cincinno going early, so it may be that you can just rely on early KO's to win your games!  Good luck!

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