Thursday, February 16, 2012

Samurott Feraligatr - FieryPhoenix511

4-2-3 Samurott Ability
2 Cleffa
1 Mantine
2-1-2 Ferligatr Prime
Pokemon Total = 17

3 Pokemon Communication
1 Switch
2 Fisherman
4 Collector
3 catcher
3 Cheren
3 Candy
4 Junk Arm
Trainer/Supporter Analysis = 27

13 Water Energy
3 Rescue
Energy Total = 16

Samurott is the main attacker.  It's ability to reduce damage done to it by 20 helps keep it alive and the more water energy on it, the harder it hits.  Feraligatr prime allows you to attach as many water energy as you want per turn, meaning that you can easily power up anything as long as you have the energy in hand.  Mantine is for searching out water pokemon and cleffa is for a hand refresher/stalling.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd increase your line of feraligatr prime to 4-2-3. Not only can it be a great secondary attacker, but with lightning dominating the meta right now, you'll often need to focus on feraligatr as an attacker rather than samurott.  I'd drop the mantine and a cleffa in exchange for either more trainers/supporters, or possibly some kyurem to spread damage or be an additional hitter that's not weak to lightning.

Energy Analysis
I'd try to keep your energy count down to around 14.  With strong lines, you shouldn't need rescue, so they can easily be dropped.  13-14 water energy is probably the most consistent for this deck.

Your deck relies on getting energy out fast and consistent, so that means having several cards to get your energy.  In addition to the fisherman, I'd also add in a retrieval or 2.  3-4 Cilan will ensure that you always have energy in hand.  Since feraligatr is a heavy retreater, you'll need an additional switch.  1 super rod will help you get any pokemon that you may need back in the deck (or energy).  To make room for this, I'd probably reduce your catcher by 1 and your cheren by 1.  Keeping to 13 water energy should help as well.  It may not be a bad idea to focus on kyurem and reduce the samurott line to be able to drop a candy, as well as having the extra space from fewer samurott (3-1-2 line).

With the release of the supporter Cilan, feraligatr prime decks may be better than ever.  Their previous weakness was that while they could attach as many energy as they wanted per turn, they didn't always have the energy in hand to do that.  Cilan fixes that problem!  I hope my suggestions help the deck be a little more consistent.

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