Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gothitelle Cincinno Serperior Emboar - CuttingEdge3078

2-2-1gothitelle ability
2- 1cinncino BW
2 reshiram
2-1 simisear
2-2-1 serperior
Pokemon Total = 22

1 twins
1 junk arm
1 Rare candy
3 energy retreival
1 switch
1 great ball
1 team rockets trickery
1 juniper
1 catcher
1 max potion
1 flower shop lady
1 plus power
3 cheren
4 communication
Trainer/Supporter = 22

1 rescue
2 fire
5 psychic
6 grass
Energy Total = 15

Ability emboar allows you to attach as much fire energy as you want per turn.  This means that you can power up your fire pokemon extremely quickly.  The problem is that you don't run many fire pokemon, you spread your energy types between fire, grass and psychic.  I'm going to review this deck focusing on the fire line for consistency.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd increase your emboar line to a 4-2-3 with 2 of the ability emboar and 1 of the other emboar.  Max out your reshiram to 4 and max your cincinno line to 4-4.  Add in a single cleffa to help you get set up.  Other than that, I'd drop everything else.  By focusing your pokemon on just one type, you'll make it a lot easier to get set up.  Even though cincinno is colorless, it can still make use of the DCE and fire energy.

Energy Analysis
Increase your DCE to 4 since both reshiram and cincinno can use it. The rest of the energy should be fire.  I'd recommend 8 for a total of 12 energy.  With the right supporters and trainers, this should be enough and will give you space to include other things.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
4 collector will help you get your bench set up early in the game.  You have a great start to your draw power, but I'd add in 2 more PONT and 1 more juniper.  The new Next Destinies supporter Cilan, lets you search out energy.  I'd add in 2 since you'll need a flow of energy for ability emboar. Instead of the flower shop lady, I'd include a super rod so you don't use your supporter for the turn.  You may lose some early pokemon while getting emboar set up, so I'd add in 1-2 more twins.  Increase your rare candy to 3 to make sure you can get emboar going.  I'd drop 2 of the communication and put in 2 heavy ball to search out your emboars without having to have a pokemon in your hand.  Since you have some heavy retreaters, 2 switch are necessary.  4 junk arm will let you reuse any trainers and adding in at least 1, possibly 2 more catcher will help you take out critical benched pokemon. Anything else that I haven't mentioned can be dropped to make room for these changes (great ball, max potion, etc...)

If you can fine tune your deck to focus on just one energy type, you'll be able to set up much more consistently.  Cincinno is not a pokemon often seen in reshiboar decks, but it will make a great secondary attacker if you don't have the additional ability emboars to add to the deck.

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