Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kingdra Donphan Feraligatr - stevenwalker11

3-2-3 kingdra (1 prime, 2 non)  
3-2-2 feraligater prime
3-2 donphan prime
1 shaymin
1 cleffa 
Pokemon Total = 22

2 rare candy 
2 pokemon communication 
1 bill 
2 professor oak,s new theory 
1 cilan 
1 level ball
2 switch
2 cheren 
2 great ball 
1 pokemon center
Trainer/Supporter Total = 16

2 double colorless energy
12 water energy
6 fighting energy 
2 grass energy
Energy Total = 22

This decks primary attacker is kingdra, which can hit harder if you return one energy attached to it to your hand.  That's not a problem with feraligatr prime, who can attach as much water energy as you want per turn, as long as you have it in your hand.  Kingdra prime is great to have on the bench since it can put a damage counter on your opponents pokemon each turn.  Donphan prime is to counter this decks primary weakness which is lightning and is quite a popular deck right now.  Shaymin lets you move your energy around any way you like when it's played on the bench and cleffa lets you get a new hand or stall.  

Pokemon Analysis
With lightning being so prevalent in our meta, I'd increase your donphan line to 3-3.  Adding another kingdra prime and basic horsea should make your deck more consistent.  If you can get two kingdra prime on the bench, you can hit for 100 per turn, which will really start to add up, even against the EXs.  I'm not sure if you need the shaymin or not.  With feraligatr adding as much energy as you have, I don't see shaymin being very useful. With rare candy, you can reduce your feraligatr line to 3-1-2 to save some room. 

Energy Analysis
22 energy is way too much for this type of deck.  13-14 should be more than enough.  If you do decide to keep shaymin, there's no reason why you would ever use it to attack since kingdra, donphan and even feraligatr are better attackers. So the 2 grass energy can easily be dropped.  I'd drop your fighting down to 5, your water down to 9 and drop the DCE.  While it could be helpful for setting kingdra up fast, it's better to stick with more water energy.  I wouldn't want to drop your fighting down any more and risk not being able to draw into it when you need it.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Now that we've cut down on the energy, we can increase the trainers and supporters to get this deck set up much faster.  There's some cards that I'd drop like the pokemon center, bill and great ball.  4 collector will get your bench set up early in the game.  Since you run 2 stage 2 pokemon, you'll need 4 rare candy so those basic aren't targeted.  1 fisherman and 1 energy retrieval will get energy back from the discard pile back into your hand for immediate reattachment.  4 communication will ensure that you get out exactly what you need. Adding in another 1-2 PONT and possibly 2 juniper will help you draw through your deck and help you get set up.  1 super rod will get pokemon/energy back into the deck for you.  You'll need 2-3 catcher to drag up your opponent's bench and 4 junk arm to reuse any of your trainers that you've already used.  Most importantly, I'd add in 4 twins.  You're going to have a hard time setting up those stage 2 pokemon, and twins will help you get set up and back into the game. If you're struggling to find room, you can reduce your energy line to 12, put in only 3 communication and 3 junk arm.

With the addition of twins, you can take advantage of your opponent taking easy prizes off of your basics.  You're still going to struggle with the current lightning meta, but hopefully you can keep getting those donphan set up to face them.  In case you face lightning decks, I'd stick to donphan and feraligatr as your attackers.  Your pokemon lines are already fairly strong, so it's just tweaking the rest of your deck to help get them set up as fast as possible.  


  1. thank you for the help and can you with 2 more deck

  2. Yes, just PM them and they'll be added to the list (which has grown to over 30 decks, so it may be a while before I can get to it).