Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eelekross Volcarona Zoroark - zoroark555

3-3 zoroark (2 BW, 1 EP)
3-2-1 electross
4-2 escavalier
2-1 volcarona
2-1-1 stoutland
Pokemon Total = 25

2 N
2 bianca
1 cheren
4 rare candy
1 pokedex
1 revive
1 switch
4 energy search
2 pokemon communication
2 super rod
Trainer/Supporter Total = 20

3 rainbow energy
5 dark energy
3 metal energy
2 fire energy
2 lightning energy
Energy Total = 15

This is essnentially a combination of two theme decks and a trainer kit, meaning that we have 4 different energy types.  These pokemon don't really work together, so it's essentially just building up whatever you happen to draw into.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd first reduce your pokemon to 2 types.  Zoroark from BW can stay because it's mainly used for its second attack which is colorless (make it a 2-2 line).  Stoutland just isn't that great of an attacker, so there's no reason for it to stay.  Eelektross is not a bad attacker, but it's stage 1 form is more useful for attaching energy from the discard pile.  So I'd increase your eelekross line to 4-3-2.  I'd plan on having 2 eelektrik (the stage 1), on the bench to attach energy and 2 eelekross in play to attack.  Volcarona isn't a bad attacker either since it can burn your opponent as well as attach energy from the discard pile as well.  So I'd make this a 4-4 line.  I'd drop the escavalier so that you can drop an energy type.  I'd also add in a cleffa to refresh your hand.

Energy Analysis
Now that we've focused our energy to 2 types, we can change the energy a bit.  All of your pokemon can use double colorless energy, so I'd add in 4.  The rest of the energy I'd split between lightning and fire, focusing more on the lightning since you can get those back with eelekrik.  6 lightning and 4 fire should work.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
You'll need 4 collector to get your bench full early in the game.  If you have trouble searching out energy, add in 1 cilan (dropping the energy search).  For draw support, increase your cheren to 2-3, add 3-4 PONT and 2-3 juniper.  Drop the bianca since you're going to typically have larger hand sizes in this format.  Increase your pokemon communication to 3 and add in a couple of level ball since most of your pokemon have less than 90 HP.  Drop the revive and a super rod (one super rod should be all that you need).  You'll need 2-3 pokemon catcher to bring up your opponent's bench and 4 junk arm to reuse any of your trainers.  I'd drop the pokedex as well.

This is a much better deck that the theme decks/trainer kits that these pokemon came from, however, it needs quite a few changes to be able to set up in a tournament.  By focusing on fewer types of pokemon, you should have a much easier time getting set up and having the correct energy type in hand for your turn's attachmement.

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