Monday, February 20, 2012

Mewtwo EX Mew Gengar - PokemonArceus1000

3 Reshiram EX FA
4 Mewtwo EX FA
3 Kyurem EX FA
3 Gengar Prime
4 Mew Prime
2 Gastley
2 Hunter
2 Mine.Jr
Pokemon Total = 23

3 cilan
2 Skyarrow Bridge
3 Lostworld
2 Xtransceiver
2 Rocky Helmet
2 Eviolite
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Seeker
2 Potion
Trainer/Supporter/Stadium Total = 20

2 Fire
2 Water
13 Psychic
Energy Total = 17

I'm not quite sure what the exact strategy of this deck is other than to be expensive.  With 10 EXs, all FA, and 4 of them Mewtwo, this deck's cost is already over $500.  Oddly enough, it lacks the 'expensive' trainers and supporters necessary to make this deck have a chance at working.  I see multiple strategies. The first is a lost world deck with gengar prime, mew prime and mime jr.  Each of the EX's, in the numbers present, would constitute it's own deck.  So I could go quite a few different ways with this deck analysis, but I think the most probable would be a lost world deck with mewtwo tech.  The goal is to get your opponent pokemon in the lost zone either by putting them there from the deck with mime jr, knocking them out with gengar as the active, or using gengar's attack to put them there from your opponent hands.

Pokemon Analysis
Drop all of the EX's except for 2 Mewtwo.  That will be your counter to hit other mewtwo's and take some prizes early in the game while you get your bench set up.  Mime jr. works best with slowking on the bench to stack your opponents deck, ensuring that you can put a pokemon in the lost zone.  You'll need a 2-2 line of slowking to do this.  If you have the room, you can also add in Mr. Mime with trick reveal to look at your opponents hand, ensuring that there is a pokemon there before you use gengar's attack to try and put one in the lost zone.

Energy Analysis
17 energy is a bit too much for the deck.  It should run just fine with around 13.  I'd add in 3-4 DCE to be able to attack early in the game with mewtwo for easy prizes while you work on getting set up.  The rest of the energy should be psychic.  You should be able to easily go down further in energy since gengar and mew have such a low energy cost, but I wouldn't go down lower than 9-10.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Here's where I have the most advice for tweaking.  4 collector will get your bench set up fast. With lost world, you won't have any need for skyarrow bridge and it takes up room that you need for other cards.  4 seeker are essential for making sure that your opponent will have a pokemon in your hand to throw in the lost zone.  You shouldn't need to have so many cards to search out energy.  Enough shuffle cards should ensure that you draw into the energy like 4 N, 4 judge, 2-3 PONT and possibly 2-3 cheren.  The cards like N and judge are most important because by forcing your opponent to shuffle, that increases the chance that they have a pokemon in their hand.  If you decide to decrease your energy, adding in 1 cilan will help you get what you need.  I'd add in 2 switch in case your mime jr are sleeping too long and 4 junk arm so you can reuse them and any other trainer.  One super rod will get pokemon and energy back into the deck.  3-4 communication will help you get out the pokemon you need.  2 rare candy will help you evolve those gengar without having to take 3 turns.  Things to drop to make room for these suggestions are potion, rocky helmet, xtranciever and likely eviolite.  While it can be very helpful on Mewtwo, it's not essential, and there are many more important trainers and supporters that need to go into this deck than eviolite.

I think a lost world deck with mewtwo tech could be a sucessful deck.  If you can use mewtwo early on to get a few KO's, slowing your opponent down, you can retreat into mime jr, mew or gengar and hopefully in a few turns be able to get six pokemon in the lost zone and declare yourself the winner with lost world.  Reducing your number of EXs will not only signficantly lower the cost of this deck, but make it a bit harder for your opponent to win.  With so many EX's, your opponent only has to KO 3 pokemon, rather than 6, to win.  Hopefully my suggestions will help your deck run much better!

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