Thursday, February 16, 2012

Samurott Carracosta - fottballplayer54

4-3-2 Ability Samurott
3-2 Simipour (BW)
1-1 Carracosta
Pokemon Total = 16

20 water energy
1 double colorless energy
1 multi energy
Energy Total = 22

4 potion
2 rare candy
2 fisherman
2 bill
2 pokeball
2 revive
2 switch
2 energy search
1 great ball
1 flower shop lady
1 energy switch
1 cover fossil
Trainer/Supporter Total = 24

The strongest attack in this deck is ability samurott, which has an ability that reduces all damage done to it by 20 and hits for more damage for each energy on it.  Another great attacker is Carracosta, whose ability reduces damage done to it by 50 if a heads is flipped.  It may have a high energy cost, but it does a good amount of damage and also discards an energy card attached to the defending pokemon.  This could be huge disruption for decks that have to be careful with their energy attachments.

Pokemon Analysis
I personally don't like simipour as an attacker in this deck.  If you focused on making the samurott and carracosta lines stronger, you'd probably set up much easier.  I'd change your samurott line to 4-2-3 and make your carracosta 4-3.  Since it's a fossil card, you'll need to max out the basic tirtouga to ensure that when you play that fossil trainer, you have a better chance of hitting it.  I'd also add in a single cleffa to refresh your hand or possibly stall.

Energy Analysis
You have way too much energy in the deck which is taking away from crucial trainers and supporters.  Since both of your attackers can benefit from DCE, I'd max that out to 4.  Multi energy is no longer legal in tournaments, so it should be dropped.  10 water energy (you should even be easily able to go down to 9), should be more than enough to keep your pokemon powered up.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
There's a lot of things that I would change to your trainer/supporter line, so I think it would be easier to just list out what I would recommend.  4 pokemon collector to get your bench full early in the game.  Add other draw support like 3-4 PONT, 3-4 cheren and 2-3 juniper.  If you think you're going to have a hard time drawing into energy, add in 1 cilan.  3 rare candy will help get your samurott up, 2 switch will help you get back to the bench without having to pay a retreat cost, 1 super rod will recover pokemon and energy from the discard pile, 2-3 pokemon catcher to bring up your opponents bench, 3 pokemon communication to get out the pokemon that you need and 4 junk arm to reuse any trainer.   To help get your fossil tirtouga out, I'd add in 4 cover fossil and 4 research record.  Research record lets you rearrange the top 4 cards of your deck as well as moving anything you see down to the bottom of the deck if you want.  This means that you increase your chances of finding a tirtouga while playing a cover fossil if you use research record first.  If you find a tirtouga, you put it on the bottom and easily get it with cover fossil.  Since your stage 2 and fossil are going to be difficult to set up, I'd add in at least 2 twins to help get you back in the game if you're behind.

I really like the new fossil pokemon, but find that since they're so difficult to get up, they usually don't see play.  It's good to see someone trying to get it working!  Good luck!

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