Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Zekrom Lanturn Eelekrik- GrayArcanine66

4 Thundurus 
2 Zekrom 
3-3 Eelektrik
2-2 Lanturn prime 
1 Cleffa
Pokemon total = 17

3 Junk arm
2 plus power
3 Catcher
3 Communication
3 Switch
2 Eviolite
3 Engineer's 
2 Juniper 
3 Collector 
2 Sage's
Trainer/supporter total = 28

13 electric 
Energy Total = 15

Eelektric's ability lets you attach an energy from the discard pile to one of your benched pokemon, providing a great energy acceleration engine.  Thundurus is the ideal starter since it can search out energy from the deck and attach it to itself as it's attack.  It's second attack hits for 80 and discards one energy, which allows you to use eelektrik to start powering up the bench.  Zekrom is a heavy hitter as well as lanturn prime (as long as there are lots of energy on the field).  Lanturn can also change it's type to water, so it can take advantage of the donphans and fire pokemon that it encounters.

Pokemon Analysis
I would increase your zekrom to 3 and your lanturn prime to 3-3.  Thundurus is a great starter, but a 'meh' attacker later in the game.  The increased number of secondary attackers will ensure that you can get KO's more efficiently later in the game. To help make room, you should be able to safely drop your thundurus to 3.

Energy Analysis
I would max out your DCE to 4 for a few different reasons.  Against decks like chandelure and durant that will bring up your heavy retreaters to stall (usually your eel), DCE will be perfect for retreating.  DCE can be used for both zekrom and lanturn prime's attacks.  It also counts as 2 energy for when determining how much lanturn will hit for, so having multiple DCE on the field will be useful.  I'd reduce your lightning to 9 for a total of 13 energy.  That should be more than enough energy and will give you some extra space to increase your number of lanturn and zekrom.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I like 4 collector in a deck that doesn't run Pichu.  You should be fine with just 2 switch rather than 3, but I'd also max out your junk arm.  That will help you discard lightning energy to be able to consistently dynamotor.  I prefer maxing out Sage's Training rather than including Engineer's adjustments, however, that's a personal preference and both are excellent cards in this deck.  I would include one super rod for recovery since you never know if you'll need more energy in the deck (eels may be prized/KO'd early) or pokemon that have been KO'd.  In eel decks, they often burn through fairly quickly, so a super rod may give you just enough cards to prevent yourself from decking out.  To make room for my suggestions, I'd consider dropping the plus power. It's helpful, but not required and I think the extra collector and super rod are enough reasons to drop them.  

This is an excellent deck and you should do very well with it.  My only concern is that once your big hitters are KO'd (2 lanturn and 2 zekrom) without higher lines of them or recover, the thundurus may not be enough to keep you going.  Good luck!

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