Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Liligant Meganium - iaia126

2 Stantler
2-1 Mandibuzz
2-3 Liligant
2-2 Metapod
3 maractus (BW)
3-2-1 Meganium
Pokemon Total = 23

2 potion
2 pokeball
2 energy search
2 Switch
2 energy retrieval
2 P.O.N.T
2 pokemon reversal
2 pokemon comunication
Trainer/Supporter Total = 16

14 grass energy
5 fighting
1 darkness
1 rainbow energy
Energy Total = 21

Stantler is for searching out basic pokemon to help you set up your bench as fast as possible.  Liligant is a quick attacker for little energy.  For only 1 energy it damages and inflicts status conditions depending on a coin flip.  Mandibuzz snipes the bench as long as a pokemon has damage counters on it.  Metapod removes any weakness to grass pokemon.  Meganium is a stronger pokemon with more HP, yet can still attack for only one energy and inflict sleep.  Maractus is a nice basic pokemon with a good amount of HP that can start hitting with just one grass energy.  This deck's low cost is what gives this deck potential.

Pokemon Analysis
A couple of your pokemon depend on a flip to get the desired result, so I'd recommend adding in two fliptini.  Instead of stantler, I'd add pokemon collector which is faster and more consistent.  Metapod can easily be brought up with pokemon catcher, so there's no point in keeping it.  I'd focus on liligant/fliptini to paralyze your fire opponents.  I'd drop the mandibuzz so that you can keep your energy lines more consistent.  Liligant's attack to paralyze is your best shot against fire decks, so I'd increase the number to 3-3. You need to have rare candy in a deck with a stage 2, which will allow you to skip the stage 1, and have a line of 3-1-3.

Energy Analysis
You don't have fighting pokemon in the deck, so there's no reason for fighting energy.  Now that there's no mandibuzz, we can also drop the rainbow and darkness energy.  I'd drop your grass energy down to 10 and add in two rescue energy, mainly to reuse your fliptini.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
There's lots of changes that I'm going to suggest for this section, so it's probably easier to just list out what I think you need rather than going through what you need and what to drop.  4 collector will give you a full bench early in the game.  You'll need plenty of draw support like 2-3 juniper, 4 PONT and 2-3 cheren.  You'll probably be behind on prizes as you get set up, so 3-4 twins should help you get back into it.  2-3 catcher will help you target key pokemon throughout the game.  1 super rod will put pokemon and energy back into your deck.  2-3 communication and 2 level ball will help you search out the pokemon that you need. 2-3 rare candy will help you get your meganium up as fast as possible.  1 switch will let you get a pokemon out of the active position without having to pay the energy cost. 3-4 junk arm will let you reuse any trainer.

While reshiram variants have fallen in popularity over the past few months, they're still a huge threat to your deck.  A metapod would only temporarily shield you, if at all, depending on how soon your opponent could draw into a catcher. Focusing on paralyzing your opponent with liligant while getting other attackers set up on the bench is the best way to defeat your fire foes.

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