Monday, February 20, 2012

Mewtwo EX Regigigas EX Zekrom EX - 803dax

2 mewtwo EX
3 regigigus EX
3 zekrom EX
3-3 elektrik
Pokemon Total = 14

4 pokemon collector
3 twins
4 junk arm
4 max potion
4 N
3 switch
2 eviolite
2 plus power
2 communication
Trainer/Supporter Total = 26

4 prism energy
4 double colorless
10 electric energy
Energy Total = 18

Eelektrik is the energy acceleration engine, allowing you to attach energy from the discard pile to your benched pokemon.  This allows you to be able to power up the bench fairly quickly.  Zekrom EX is the main pokemon that can utilize this ability since it does 150 damage, but forces you to discard 2 energy.  Mewtwo EX is a powerful attacker with no damage cap. It does more damage for each energy attached to it and the defending pokemon.  Regigigas EX is easy to attack with since it only needs colorless energy, and acts similar to the previous dragon's 'outrage'.  It does more damage for each damage counter on it.  With a high HP, this means that leaving damage on regigigas can be extremely dangerous.

Pokemon Analysis
It concerns me that there are only EX pokemon in your deck.  That means that your opponent only has to KO 3 of your pokemon to take all 6 prizes.  A lot of pokemon in this format can take out EX's in one shot like magnezone lost burning 4 energy or any of your pokemon being hit for weakness. A pokemon with the type advantage has to do 90 to you to KO you.  This means you need to be careful of the fighting and psychic pokemon.  I'd consider adding in some attackers that won't lose you two prizes, like thundurus to search and attach energy or tornadus to attack while moving energy to the bench.  A cleffa would also be useful in case you need a new hand, time to stall or need a free retreater.

Energy Analysis
You should be sticking to around 13 energy for the deck.  You'll need your maxed out DCE, but you shouldn't need prism, relying only on mewtwo EX's first attack rather than it's second.  Dropping the prism energy will give you room for other cards (either additional attackers or more trainers/supporters).

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
With such powerful pokemon, especially Mewtwo EX, I wouldn't think that you would consistently be behind on prizes.  I see this deck as taking prizes early in the game, but struggling later in the game once your opponent starts taking multiple prizes from an EX knockout.  Keeping 1, possibly 2, twins could be helpful though, if you're finding yourself behind quite often.  This deck doesn't have much draw support, so I'd add in 3-4 sage and at least another 2-3 draw supporters like PONT, cheren or juniper.  With zekrom you may be discarding more energy than you can keep reattaching if you don't have 2 eel in play (they're going to be targets for your opponent), so I'd add in a super rod to put energy and/or pokemon back.  You may find that some of your crucial pokemon are prized, making it more important to have a super rod to get something back in case you only have access to one of them for the game.

By relying on max potion to heal, you're also going to be discarding more energy.  While 3 switch may be enough to get a pokemon powered back up with Eelektrik, then back into the active position, it may be safer to add a 4th switch, just in case.  To make room for some of my suggestions, you can easily drop the plus power since it's a situational card and may be able to reduce the max potion by 1, relying on the junk arms. I'd add in 2 catcher to bring up your opponents bench, especially early in the game to get easy KO's with mewtwo or to stall to help you get your eels set up.

If you can get some early KO's with mewtwo and DCE, slowing your opponent down, your deck may stand a good chance. However, my thought it that by relying only on EX's as your attackers, your opponent is going to invest a lot of resources just to KO 3 of them, likely in one hit, which is all they need to win the game.  Any other time, investing a lot of resources early in the game would be a downfall (like using Magnezone's lost burn early), but against this deck, it would be an easy way to win.

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