Monday, February 13, 2012

Reshiram Emboar - xpredate

3 Reshiram
1 Victini V-create
2-2-2 Emboar Ability
2-2 Ninetales (Roast Reveal)
Pokemon Total = 14

3 Pokemon Catcher
2 Interviewers question
3 pokemon communication
3 Cheren
1 Junk Arm
2 Elms Theory
1 Twins
1 Prof oak New theory
2 Super rod
3 Energy Retreaval
2 Switch
2 Eviolite
2 Rocky helmet
1 Fisherman
2 Pokemon collector
Trainer/Supporter Total = 30

14 Fire Energy
2 Collorless energy
Energy Total = 16

Reshiram is the main attacker, discarding 2 energy in exchange for 120 damage.  Ability emboar lets you attach as many fire energy as you want per turn, allowing you to keep reshiram powered up.  Ninetales is a draw engine, allowing you to draw 3 cards in exchange for discarding an energy.  V-create victini is another good attacker that hits for 100, but only if the bench is full.

Pokemon Analysis
With pokemon catcher in the format, your tepigs are going to be targeted early in the game.  That means that you'll need at least 1, if not 2 more, to ensure that you can get emboar into play.  3-2-2 should be sufficient.  Since reshiram is your only attacker, I'd max it out to 4.  While v-create victini is a great attacker, there's going to be many times that you may not have a full bench so I'd drop it and stick with the more reliable reshiram/emboar combination.  You can also increase your emboar line, including the other version of emboar as a secondary attacker.  If you do, I'd recomment a 4-2-3 line with 2 ability emboar and one alternate emboar.

Energy Analysis
I'd try and stick to 12-13 energy for this deck.  I prefer rescue energy over double colorless so that you can reuse your reshiram once it's KO'd.  So I'd swap rescue in for DCE and reduce your fire to 10-11.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
What makes reshiboar a much more viable deck with the release of next destinies is the suppporter Cilan.  Being able to search out those energy in your deck means that you can safely run fewer energy.  So I'd add in 3-4 cilan and drop the interviewers questions.  To make sure you can keep recovering energy from the discard pile, I'd increase your fisherman to 3 and your junk arms to 4 so you can reuse those energy retrievals if you need to. You shouldn't need more than one super rod so dropping one will help make space for the other cards. You'll need 4 pokemon collector to get your bench filled out quickly.  I'd drop your elm completely, unless you have a lot of trainer lock in your area, in which case I'd keep just one.  I would choose either eviolute or rocky helmet, not both.  I'd probably go with rocky helmet to help put some damage on your opponent pokemon when they attack, ensuring that you can get a KO in one attack. If you go with the eviolite, I'd add in 2 plus power for you to ensure the knockout on some of your bigger HP pokemon.  However, with all the suggestions I'm making to add to this deck, you may not have room for any tools at all.  It's certainly something that the deck can survive without.  

I'd increase your draw support.  You have ninetales, which is great, but you'll need a bit more to get it going.  I'd add in 1-2 juniper and 1-2 more PONT.  With your increase in junk arms, you can safely go down to 2 pokemon catcher.  You may not need the twins either, which will help save space for other cards.  The biggest thing this deck is missing is rare candy.  The best way to get your emboar going early in the game is to be able to skip that middle evolution.  If you're running two emboar, I'd run 2 rare candy, but if you decide to run the bigger emboar line, I'd add in an additional candy.

With Cilan, I think reshiboar has a much better chance at tournaments.  Ensuring that you'll have the energy to be able to keep reshiram going each turn is all this deck really needs.  If you're struggling to find room for some of my suggestions, I'd avoid cutting down on cards that focus on getting energy into your hand.

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