Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vileplume Reuniclus Regigigas EX - CheezPuffz12

3-2-2 vileplume
1 bellosom
3-2-2 reuniclus
2-2 confarigus (non ablity)
1 reshiram
1 zekrom
1-1 blissey prime
2 regigias ex
1 cleffa
1-1 raikou suicune legend
2 pichu
Pokemon Total = 31

4 twins
4 sages training
3 pokemon collector
3 rare candy
3 pokemon communication
2 pokemon catcher
1 flower shop lady
1 Pont
1 juniper
Trainer/Supporter Total = 22

4 rainbow
2 psychic
1 electric
Energy total = 11

This is a new variation of 'The Truth' deck which is primarily a combination of vileplume, reuniclus and heavy HP pokemon.  Vileplume locks trainers while reuniclus moves around damage counters.  Bellossom heals one damage counter from each pokemon each turn, which means with reuniclus, it's healing 60 per turn if  you have a full bench.  Zekrom and reshiram are heavy HP pokemon that hit harder with more damage on them.  Regigigas EX is similar to reshiram and zekrom in that it hits harder with more dmage on it.  The problem is that once it's KO'd your opponent takes 2 prize cards instead of one. If used early in the game, I would use only it's first attack to start putting damage on itself (then use reuniclus to move it on the next turn).  There are other pokemon in the deck, but I'm concerned that this deck is cluttered enough as it is.

Pokemon Analysis
I think you can easily drop the cofagrigus since it's low HP makes it an easy KO.  While it can easily get one KO while active, it's going to remove the damage that you want to use to power up reshiram, zekrom and regigigas.  I'd also consider adding in another reshiram and zekrom.  Since you have 2 regigigas ex's, it only makes sense to have 2 of your other attackers as well.  I'd also take out the legend piece.  While it's a strong attacker, you have more than enough attackers in the deck, and the space is really needed for more trainers/supporters.

Energy Analysis
With only reshiram, zekrom and regigigas as your attackers, you can swap the rainbow for prism energy instead.  There may be times that you don't want to inflict damage on yourself.  It's also possible to run both rainbow and prism and just no basic energy at all.  While I don't know if I'd recommend completely going to no basic energy, it's definitely a consideration.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
I'd consider dropping the pokemon catcher since the chances of you being able to use it in the game before your vileplume is up are slim.  Since I've suggested dropping a few pokemon too, we should have room to add a few supporters.  I'd consider 1-2 additional juniper, 1-2 PONT and 1-2 cheren.  1-2 seeker may also be a good addition to either re-use blissey or just scoop up something with a lot of damage.

There's been a lot of speculation as to whether 'The Truth' variants will survive with the new EX's in the format.  I'm curious to see how this deck would work out with regigigas.  As long as you can predict the damage your opponent can do to you, you should be able to keep regigigas alive and avoid that 2 prize loss.  Your biggest problems are going to come from decks that run Magnezone or Mewtwo  EX where there are essentially no damage caps.  If you find that there's a lot of those in your area, you may want to consider adding something to counter them, like terrakion for Magnezone or your own Mewtwo EX for the Mewtwo EX decks.

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