Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eelektrik Raichu - OCGKing

4-4 Raichu
3-3 Eelektrik
3 Zekrom
2 Tornadus
Pokemon Total = 19

4 Junk Arm
2 Great Ball
3 Cheren
2 Super Rod
3 Pokemon Communication
2 Professor Juniper
1 N
3 Pokemon Collector
3 Pokemon Catcher
2 Professor Oak's New Theory
1 Black Belt
1 Professor Elm's Training Method
1 Switch
Trainer/Supporter Total = 28

12x Lightning Energy
1x Double Colorless
Energy Total = 13

The tech of this deck is eelekrik which recovers lightning energy from the discard pile and attaches them to a benched pokemon.  Unlike typhlosion, no damage is taken for this free energy attachment.  The downside is that it can only attach to the bench, which is where raichu comes in.  It's pokebody says that it can bring lightning energy up to the active position, easily powering it up for 120 each turn.

Pokemon Analysis
With raichu decks that force you to discard all the lightning energy, I prefer to have 3 eelektrik on the bench.  That way I can attach 4 energy per turn, which not only allows me to attack, but also gets another of my pokemon ready in case I don't have another raichu to promote.  To help make room for this, I think you can safely take out one zekrom.  I might also consider swapping the tornadus for thundurus.  With only one DCE in the deck, the probability of it being able to attack turn 2 is slim, where with thundurus' attack allowing it to search out energy, it's relatively easy to get a turn 2 80 attack.  If you decide to make this switch, I might also increase your thundurus to 3, increasing the chances of starting with it.  You may also be easily able to go down to a 3-3 line of raichu if you find that you're running out of space in the deck.

Energy Analysis
You mentioned that your DCE is only there as a retreat cost for eelekrik.  I prefer to increase my switch rather than adding DCE to a deck that doesn't really need it.  Zekrom could use it for outrage, but to bolt strike it would still need 2 more energy. The only time this would be a problem would be in trainer lock (lampent/aipom combo) in which case you just make sure that you spread your energy out, keeping some on each eel at all times.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
As I mentioned earlier, I'd add in another switch to help get that eel out of the active position if it's catcher'd up.  Maxing out your collector will ensure a full bench early in the game.  Since you can easily use any energy in the discard pile, 4 sage's training is perfect for this deck.  Some cards I'd consider dropping are the great balls, 1 super rod (you can always reuse it with junk arm if needed), black belt (this deck sets up/attacks very quickly, so you shouldn't need it),  and elm (unless you have a lot of trainer lock in your area, and even then, I still don't think it's necessary with enough draw support).  If you have any more room in the deck, increasing your N could really help you out late in the game.  You can pretty much work off the field with eelektrik and raichu, so a hand size of 1-2 won't necessarily hurt you.

This is a great variant of an eelektrik deck and you should be able to do well with it.  Hopefully my suggestions help!

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