Monday, February 20, 2012

Eelektrik Raichu Zekrom Electrivire - champsau2012

2-1 electivire
4-3-2 eelektross
3-2 Raichu (1 prime, 1 non)
2 thunderus
2 zekrom
Pokemon Total = 21

14 lightning energy

2 max potion
2 sages trainings
2 life herb
2 emcees chatter
2 engineers adjustments
1 great ball
2 energy returners
2 interviewers quetions
2 pokemon communicatoins
2 switch
2 cheren
Trainer/Supporter Total = 21

This deck relies on eelektrik to to attach energy from the discard pile to benched pokemon.  This lets you power up your pokemon very fast, letting you continue to hit hard over and over.   Thundurus is the ideal starter since it can search out cards from the deck to attach to itself, powering it up as well as proving the discard pile with lots of energy during its attacks. Electivire is an interesting attacker.  While it has a high cost of 3 lightning, it does 50 to each of your opponents pokemon with energy on it.  If they play a deck that spreads the energy out, this could do quite a bit of damage.  Eelektross is a great attacker itself and its acid attack prevents it's opponent from retreating, helping against the chandelure match.  Raichu prime can bring up electric energy to itself when active, making it easy to power up, which is necessary since it has to discard that lightning energy when it attacks.  Zekrom is just a great all around attacker.  For pokemon that can't one-shot it, it can do some heavy damage with outrage, but can also do quite a bit with it's 120 bolt strike.

Pokemon Analysis
I'd increase  your line of electivire to 2-2.  I don't think you'll always need elekross, so I'd only include one rather than 2, which means you can safely decrease the whole line to a 3-3-1.  I'd make your Raichu line 2-2 and only include the prime since it's the better attacker.  I'd consider adding a cleffa in just in case you need a better hand or need to stall, but it can also be a great free retreater while you power up your eels.

Energy Analysis
Sticking to lightning is the best idea for this type of deck. If you find that you're having trouble fitting in other essential cards, you can easily drop your energy count to 12-13.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Here's where I think your deck needs the most work.  You'll need 4 collector to get your bench up fast.  I'd increase your sage to 4 since you can use it to put energy in the discard pile.  I'd include 4 junk arms to help you get energy in the discard pile to be able to attach multiple energy per turn early in the game.  I'd drop the interviewers since you have a fairly high energy count. If you find that you're having a hard time drawing into energy, 1 cilan could help (much more reliable than interviewers).  I'd add in a few shuffle supporters like 3-4 PONT.  Increasing your communication to 4 will ensure that you can get the pokemon that you need throughout that game (since you run so many different pokemon).  2 catcher will let you bring up your opponents benched pokemon.  1 super rod will let you get energy and/or pokemon back into the deck.  To make room for these suggestions I think you can drop max potion, life herb, emcees chatter, great ball, energy returner and possibly the engineer's adjustments as well.  If you find that you have room for engineers though, keep it.

Once you tweak your trainers and supporters, I think you'll have a very strong deck. Some things you might consider adding to it would be a zapdos against the fighting match-ups, mewtwo EX to counter other mewtwo's and possibly your own fighting pokemon like terrakion for other lightning decks.

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