Monday, February 6, 2012

Machamp Vileplume - Monkeyman11909

1-1 Vileplume UD 24
1-1-1 Reuniclus BW 57
3-3-3 Machamp TM 95
3-3 Donphan HS 107
2 Zekrom BW 47
Pokemon Total = 22

2 Pokemon Collector
2 Cheren
2 Professor Juniper
2 Professor Oak's New Theroy
2 Sage's Training
1 Flower Shop Lady
1 Interviewer's Questions
1 Professor Elm's Training Method
3 Rare Candy
2 Junk Arm
2 Pokemon Catcher
2 Max Potion
2 Pokemon Communication
1 Pokegear 3.0
Trainers/ Supporters total =  25

9 Fighting
Energy Total = 13

While this is an older decklist, it's still as viable as it was a few months ago when it was submitted.  In fact, it might stand a better chance now since lightning variants are one of the top decks.  However, if there's too many mewtwo, machamp will struggle.   The vileplume reuniclus combination allows you to move damage counters around in any way that you like.  For machamp, having a bench with at least 1 damage counter on each pokemon increases it's attack strength.  If your opponent isn't causing damage, your donphan is when it attacks.  Zekrom is to absorb damage with its high HP.

Pokemon Analysis
Reuniclus doesn't work without vileplume because it's too easy to catcher up and KO.  So I'd recommend increasing your vileplume line to 3-1-2 and your reuniclus line to 2-2-2 (focusing only on reuniclus once vileplume is up).  You may even want to throw in one bellossom to help heal.  Instead of zekrom, I'd try regigigas ex, which has a similar attack to outrage, but the higher HP means that it can do much more damage (and absorb more damage as well).  I'd add in one more machop, but other than that, your remaining pokemon lines are fine.

Energy Analysis
Perfect, maxing out the DCE will help machamp attack faster and will also power up regigigas faster too.

Trainer/Supporter Analysis
Drop all the trainers except for 3 communication and 3 rare candy to help vileplume get going.  You're going to be behind on prizes with 3 stage 2 lines, so maxing out your twins and possibly adding in a few black belt are ideal.  I'd max out your pokemon collector to ensure that you can bench 2 oddish at the same time, ensuring a quick vileplume.  Increasing your draw support like cheren, PONT and sage, will help you go through your deck.  With the release of Cilan, you can now replace interviewers questions. Since you have a lot of stage 1/2 pokemon you're going to be searching for, adding another elm may also help, if you can find the room.

I like the idea of this deck and like it even more with the back-up attacker of regigigas ex.  I see it struggling to get set up though, since getting 3 lines of stage 2 pokemon up is not an easy feat.  However, once you get it going, you should be able to do really well!  Good luck!

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