Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ho-oh Reshiram Emboar - TheFreaksOfPokemon

1-1 ho-oh legend
1 zekrom
2 reshiram
2-2-1 emboar ability
2-1 darmanitan
1 plusle
1 minun
2-1 pupitar
1 stunfisk
Pokemon Total = 19
10 lightning enegy
10 fire energy
Energy Total = 20
3 professor oak
1 energy returner
2 interview questions
2 dual balls
1 pokemon communication
1 eviolite
1 cheren
Trainer/Supporter Analysis = 11
The fire pokemon are the strongest attackers in this deck for the most part, so several ligthning pokemon are included to cover that weakness. The ability emboar is for attaching as many fire energy per turn as possible while reshiram and ho-oh legend are the strongest attackers.  There's quite a few different lightning pokemon in this deck, but I think the best attacker is the zekrom.  You only have 50 cards in the deck, and you'll need 60 for a tournament legal deck.  There's plenty that we can add to this deck, so that will be quite easy!
Pokemon Analysis
I left quite a few pokemon out of the strategy section because I think many of them aren't needed.  I think it would be better to focus on about half of your current pokemon and strengthen those lines.  I'd drop the stunfish, pupitar, minum, plusle and darmanitan.  I'd increase your emboar ability line to 3-1-2, your ho-oh line to 2-2, add 2 reshiram EX and increase your zekrom to 2.  With the reshiram EX, you can also include 1-2 fliptini. 
Energy Analysis
20 energy in the deck is too much, so I'd try to stick around 12-14 energy.  By reducing your reliance on lightning energy, you can drop the lightning down to 4.  You could also run 4 prism rather than any lightning, allowing you to let those energy work for either type.  If you need more room in the deck, you can also reduce your fire energy to 8 rather than 10.
Trainer/Supporter Analysis
There's quite a few cards that would add, so I'm just going to suggest what trainers/supporters you should run.  4 pokemon collector will fill up your bench early in the game.  4 communication will get specific pokemon out.  2 rare candy will help you get that emboar up a bit faster.  1 super rod will let you get pokemon and energy from the discard.  3 cilan will let you search for basic energy.  1 fisherman and 2 energy retrieval will let you recover any energy directly from the discard pile to your hand.  2-3 catcher will let you drag up your opponents bench pokemon.  4 junk arm will let you reuse any trainer in your discard pile.  The rest of the deck should go to draw power.  3-4 professor oaks new theory, 2-3 juniper and 2-3 cheren depending on how much room you have left in the deck. 
Focusing your pokemon line on just a few different ones and sticking primarily to one energy type will help you keep to a specific strategy.  Increasing your trainers and supporters will let you get set up faster and be more consistent.

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